Sunday, June 27, 2010

Erin Rizz hits it again!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I always love Erin's things, even though i don't drop by her blog very often, but the moment i do visit i always get this refreshing-chic feeling. Its the colours she used which is fresh and calm. And her things... i got to admit her things are quite interesting... ribbons, pillows, now stickers! and everything nice.

If you can, check out her shop (according to photo that says "My Shop" ) She's got almost everything cute and chic that she made and some brought in. I like her ribbons. This time around, Erin brought in stickers! They are extremely cute especially for scrapbooking fans or card makers.

I reckon them to purchase this, although i understand that you got to have acid-free materials for scrapbooking, BUT c'mon, you just got to break the rules sometimes.

Look at the pillow, don't you just want to hug one so badly and tightly? It looks so comfortable.. I like what Erin did here particularly. She did the heartshape very well, and it looks very pretty with the matching sequins along with the fabric. And it looks like its done with good workmanship. I wish i can sew a pillow, i think the only thing i can do is just simple stitches which i am using it for recon-ing apparels. lol!

Anyways, visitors/readers, head on over to Erin's at and visit her shop:

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  1. Hi Shia Lynn.

    I just came across this posting, even though it was 5 years ago, thanks for the review...