Sunday, January 1, 2012

Creative tips on Embellishing, Repurposing and Restyling

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Artsy Craftsy Shop
Upcycle your skirt and halter top by sewing
together into a dress!
Giving fabric and clothes a NEW LIFE rather than throw them away

* A cheap way to dress up clothing is to sew on patches and other embellishments made form other clothes.

* A pocket cut from an old pair of ripped up jeans can cover a stain on another pair of jeans in otherwise good condition.

* Beads or sequins from one shirt can be sewn to the cuffs of a sweater or line the edge of a pocket. Fabric paint can at a creative touch to almost anything.

* Adult clothing can be trimmed down to make child size versions, too. Old night gowns and pajamas are very easy to convert. Once old clothing is thought of as unclaimed fabric, the ideas begin to really flow.

* Use old wool sweaters to make diaper covers, leggings, and many other accessories. Wool is a great medium once it is felted. To felt wool, wash in hot water and dry on high heat. The wool will shrink and compress into a thick material. It will now be able to be cut without unraveling.

* To make leggings, just cut sleeves from a sweater.

* Headbands can be made from a neckline or from a turtleneck removed from the sweater. Use stitches or sewing glue to add decorations. This is a great rainy day project.

* Torn up jeans can be sewn into a cool purse.

* Clothes that have stains can sometimes be saved by dying them. A fun way to salvage stained shirts is to tie dye them. Kids love tie dyed shirts, especially if they participate. This is another good rainy day project.

* Turn a worn shirt into a fun pillow.

* Tote bags are easy to make if the sleeves are removed and the bottom sewn shut. Finish the ragged edges left by the sleeves and voila- kid sized tote.

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