Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to Make a Luminary tin-can candle holder

Sunday, January 1, 2012
· Tin Can
Plain Paper
· Pen or
· Duct or
Masking Tape
· Nail
· Hammer

1. Wash your can thoroughly well and remove its label.

2. Measure your can so you know how big your design would be.

3. Fill your tin can with water and leave about an inch of room from top-edge.

4. Put the can of water into the freezer and let it freeze until solid.

5. To make the luminary, tap the holes on the side of the can with a hammer and a nail. The freezing water can help the can to keep its shape with the nail pounding into it.

6. While your can is still freezing, you can plan your design on a piece of paper.

7. Use the measurements you took, and cut a piece of paper that would fit around your can.

8. Draw out your design on a piece of paper. You might want to make up designs as you go along with it.

9. Once the water in the can is frozen, that’s when you are ready to make your luminary.

10. Tap your design around your can.

11. Use a hammer and a nail to tap holes into the can and ice.

12. Carefully follow the lines of your design while making sure you leave space in between the holes. Once complete, remove your pattern and let your design melt.

13. Now, make sure your can is dry. Place the candle into the can and light it. Step back and look at the wonderful design!

The best part is, you can use them and make more of them for any special occasion or festive celebration! Give it a try!

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