Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jewelry Designer: Sonia Subash, Styles of Sonia

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sonia Subash co-founded Styles of Sonia with her husband, Fabian which to date, carries a jewellery design line called Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now; specializing in handmade jewellery with Swarovski & Chinese crystals. 

Besides running the crafty-fashion biz, Sonia is also earning her Business Degree in Accounting. She yearned to learn more about the trade in the entrepreneur industry so that it would complement her natural artistic flair with a strong foundation in business. She also manages a company called The House of Sonia, a family business which her father started to provide accommodations to students since the year 2005 and manages it with her husband and sister on a full time basis.

While she balances The House of Sonia, her studies and her son, Sonia devotes her passion deeply into her crafty-fashion biz which begun during her early explorations of attaching 250 Swarovski Crystals on a pair of wedding shoes as a gift for her sister’s wedding. Since then, Sonia not only explored redecorating her table lamp but also ventured into the business with her husband when they started receiving orders for earrings; thus, founded Styles of Sonia and its first & exclusive jewelery design line Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now.

The name Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now has an interesting meaning as twinkle and sparkle represents crystals in all its glory where else tinsel represents the material of metal that accompanies its outshining partner. The name was given with an aim to provide that magical feeling for the person who wears it. The line successfully received a number of responses and was offered to sell their products to as far as South Africa and Australia.

Sonia describes her designs to as a mixture between Indian and Bohemian. Her creations are mostly influenced by Indian fashion accessories as her designs are mostly ‘big & chunky’ with crystals. Sonia receives her inspiration from architectures, plants, landscapes, nature, culture, colours and love & support from her husband, son, parents and siblings.

Besides being inspired by her surroundings, Sonia has a few roles models too whom she admires most; her father, most of all, is her biggest role model as he has taught her everything she needs to know. Sonia also has a few female celebrity figures that inspire her in her plans for Styles of Sonia. The prominent names are Kimora Lee Simmons, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Ritchie whom are famous mothers and fashion entrepreneurs who have taken the fashion industry by storm; this has evoke the fire within her to move forward with her fashion line.

Today, as the name Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now is emerging; it has motivated Sonia to expand her line. As a strong willed person, Sonia believes that anything is possible to achieve. Hence, Sonia plans to expand Styles of Sonia to have more varieties such as a collection for men and a crystal-embellished shoe collection.  Sonia's designs can be viewed on Facebook or her website.

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