Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 10 Creative & Therapeutic Hobbies

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Activities like needlework, gardening and baking have been passed down from generations to generations. Today, these activities have turned into hobbies. It is therapeutic to engage one self into these activities because it allows you to get in touch with your inner creativity. I'd like to share the top 10 (most commonly practiced) creative hobbies (for men and/or women). It is important to have a healthy balance lifestyle to maintain a positive and chaotic free mind.

TOP 10

1. Sewing
While you may think that its quite a hassle having to create a pattern draft to sew, think up-cycling or reconstructing clothes for your little ones. Up-cycling gives you freedom to explore and create anything you see fit as long as it is wearable or usable. Shirts can be turned into dresses for teens and toddlers (or yourself).

2. Knitting
Another thrifty way of creating clothes for children, dolls or even gifts for adults.

3. Gardening
Being close to nature is one of the best ways to kill stress. Did you know that you can recycle used-coffee beans to fertilize your plants? Plus it smells good.

4. Accessory Making
Pamper yourself, your girl friends or your daughters with your creations.

5. Candle Making
As therapeutic a hobby can get, you can make candles and supply them as wedding/party favors.

6. Baking
I tried baking twice, and honestly, i love it! The idea of creating something with results and allowing others to try your food is priceless

7. Painting
You don't have to be an artist to do so. Painting like drawing is one of the stress buster that gives you the freedom to express your deepest feelings. The idea is to be unconscious about your drawings. Don't plan, just draw. You would instantly feel at ease.

8. Hand-making natural products
It's like creating your own beauty regime, lots of research involved though, but the  best part is you get to explore with various natural ingredients and learn what is best for your skin and body.

9. Scrap-booking
I know lots of mommies who enjoy scrapbooking. I do too! You can collect concert tickets, trinkets and such and paste them in your scrapbooks for memories.

10. Clay Making / Pottery  / Sculpture
Clay Making isn't just great for kids but it is great for adults too. We need to exercise our hand-eye coordination.

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