Friday, January 20, 2012

Tuapui Handmades

Friday, January 20, 2012
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BOLD but beautiful...

If there is a fresh eye candy i would have, it would be Tuapui Handmade's gorgeous handmades. I got to admit as i didn't quite know what the fad was all about until i laid my eyes on the talented crafter's crafty creations. Jessica Koay the person behind the amazing works are just as wonderful as her creations.

Tuapui handmades makes you want to love spring, summer and autumn altogether while it comes with a tinge of counry-like freshness. It is classy and endearing when a woman wears her creations; the sweet colours and designs seem to bring out the lady-likeness in us girls!

And yes! Romantic is the word! There"s something romantic about Tuapui handmades; i especially adore her rings the most! Mind you this lovely crafter is not just filled with romance in her collections but she has quite a taste too- a fan of classic & vintage beauty, Audrey Hepburn; the elegant whispers of the classics.

Hence, explains her romantic handmades that i'd say is quite the most recent eye candy i have come across so far!

Lastly, a final note, customers are welcome to custom made and even have their names included. Pricing is not too bad at all as it is ranged from RM10 - RM40. So, if you're looking for bold but beautiful handmades that are classy and endearing with elegance, hurry up yourselves to Tuapui Handmade's facebook page! For enquiries and orders, kindly contact Tuapui Handmade in Facebook or send an emaill at

*Photos courtesy of Tuapui Handmade
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