Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now

Sunday, January 1, 2012
When You Accessorize, You Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel with Crystals

Styles of Sonia, an eccentric and sophisticated craft & fashion biz now carries an accessory design line, plans to expand into the fashion world and hopes to offer more in the near future. Introducing, Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now

The design line Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now is part of the Styles of Sonia line where designs are created by Sonia Subash. Sonia has received great response in her work worldwide that has heard about her beautiful work.

The unique line launches a collection of accessories which specializes in handmade jewellery with crystals of Swarovski and Chinese. Since Swarovski Crystals have been dubbed the most ‘affordable crystals’ compared to diamonds, women can now walk with sophistication and elegance with crystals.

A butterfly design; simplicity makes complex
With this, the line carries a range of bracelets, anklets, belly-chains, ear-chains, ear wraps, nose rings, rings, toe rings and even a couple of sets with necklaces all strewn together with crystals. The line has been receiving offers to even spread its name to as far as South Africa and Australia.

A unique earrings design of rainbow colours
Trail your fingers and feel the sophistication in their earrings

Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now is known for its bold designs with crystals that come with vibrant colours to sparkle any outfit worn by a lady. “The twinkle and sparkle represents crystals and all its glory, while the tinsel represents the metal that accompanies its outshining partner. I wanted a name that was magical. Everyone wants a little magic, I know I do and when I wear my designs, it is simply a magical feeling,” expressed Sonia, the designer.

Another with a Peacock design
Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now is certainly a sensation as their designs are mostly influenced by Indian fashion accessories with a blend of bohemian style suitable for dresses and long skirts which brings out the mystery and elegance in women. Currently, the Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now line is spreading through Facebook where there are constant updates on new items, products and promotions.

Twinkle, Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now can now be reached at or be a fan on Facebook at and Twitter @StylesOfSonia.

*this is a sponsored post
*photos courtesy of Styles of Sonia

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