Thursday, February 2, 2012

Up close with: Crafter, Irene Sin

Thursday, February 2, 2012

one_love_cottage_pictureEveryone has a burning passion to create something unique from the ordinary, to touch the hearts of others. I can understand how it feels when one has that eager drive to craft something appealing. “Just a typical girl” she says, however this girl-next-door has creativity written on her forehead. Irene Sin of One Love Cottage tells how she finds time to begin her journey in the crafting world.

Tell us about yourself before it all started?
Before it all started I'm just a typical girl who goes to the university and attending lecture classes. And I was really super bored and free those days. But now, after I've started this business of mine, my life is no longer dull.

Any significant experiences on why you started your blog-hobby?
one_love_cottage_picture I used to make crafts during my university semester's break and I posted it on my personal blog which caught a lot of attention from my fellow friends. And I even used some of the crafts I did such as bags to campus and my fellow friends think that I should try to do business through this hobby of mine as they find that I am talented in it. But that never cross my mind until one fine day which I've finally made up my mind to try out my luck. And that is when I started my online business in January 2010.

Reason for the name chosen?
One Love Cottage is actually my little brother's idea. The blog's name is supposed to be Fairy Cottage but it was unavailable when I signed up on And I insisted on using the "cottage" word because it somehow gave me the crafty feel and so my brother came up with One Love when we both listened to a song named One Time by Justin Bieber which was also our favourite song. Thus, One Love Cottage is then created.


What is the motivation behind your passion?
The motivation behind my passion is the support my family, my loving boyfriend and my lovely friends. They are always there to motivate me when I felt like giving up on my business in the beginning.

Describe your style of craft?
Honestly, I do not know how to define the style of my craft because most of the crafts made by me are made out of customers need and wants. I tried to fulfill their requirements based on the descriptions they gave me. But mostly my crafts are on the cute style.

one_love_cottage_pictureWhich craftwork of yours is your favourite and why?
Oh! There is tons of it but since I have to choose one of it, I would say my previous handmade bags called Miss Owlie because I love owls. It looked pretty cute, in my opinion.

Any source of inspiration you seek from?
I got my inspirations from books, and other crafter blogs.

What kind of services do you offer and where are you based?
Oh, I custom make camera pouch, HP pouch, key chains, HP charms, passport holders, tissue holders and anything you can think of. Up to now, I have received a lot of camera pouch customizations.

one_love_cottage_pictureAny advice to other crafters out there who shares the same passion and goals as you do?
My advice to them is to have faith in everything you create, believe in your self and most importantly have fun while creating that lovely hand made.

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