Thursday, April 12, 2012

Magic of Colouring: Why colouring is for everyone

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A recent discovery in healing with colours has led me to realized that:

1. You are never too old for colours
2.You are never too old for colouring

When you find yourself after a day of hard labour, or feeling blue, instead of drawing, you can always opt for  colouring. Colouring is another ideal way to destress, if you find that drawing is quite a task (as some might say that they are not quite an artist themselves). In the previous post on intuitive painting and mandalas, colouring serves as a form of therapy and does not require talent or skill. It is about being free and being in touch with your inner child; when you use colours freely in colouring, you are expressing yourself by travelling inward to your soul.

Why are Colours important?

Colours are important to us in our lives because they signify everything in this world, whether it is you or me as individuals, an object, a picture, a scenery...When you are in touch with colours, it speaks to your heart intuitively; you will be able to love yourself the way you love and appreciate every single colour on its own. Colours has its way in communicating with us or others, the way a painting with vibrant colours speaks to you. How?

When Colours Speak to You

Have you ever had an object or a picture, etc. caught your attention? I am pretty sure it is not just because of the object on its own, but the colours as well. When it catches your attention, that is when the colours are speaking to you directly. Even if it is a black & white photography, which in my case, is my favourite; but yet, that black & white colour creates a sorta' "timeless" feeling, as if you are travelling back in time to a memory that you wish you could hold on to forever. This is how colours can speak to you and affect your feelings and thoughts.

Going Back to Childhood

My experience with colours is a personal journey; have you ever wondered what is yours?

#Truestory: When I was a little girl, I did not enjoy colouring. I was young and felt it was tiring to fill the same spot with colours, especially if it is a large background; a sky or the ground. I tried to avid colouring whenever possible, but my mother, however, would still buy tons of colouring books for me and encourage me to colour. The only thing that enticed me to colour was giving the girl in the picture red lips, eyeshadows and red for hair. When I grew older, my fabric painting master told me that my colour combination was poor and I needed to learn how to match colours. But with all divine love and light, i finally learned to love and made friends with colours during my art therapy session. I learned that my feelings and emotions can be identified through colours, because that is how my soul communicates using my body. I appreciated every single colour for its uniqueness and usefulness, even the colour pink! (for someone who loves black).

Currently, I am inspired by the spiritual book 'Living On The Earth' by Alicia Bay Laurel. I found the book in a secondhand bookstore and immediately fell in love with it when i flipped through the pages filled with elements to guide you on how to live on earth as one with the earth and appreciate every moment of it. I loved it so much that, I wanted to fill its pages with colours that heals me.

Getting Started

1. Colouring is easy to get started. All you have to do is say the magic word to yourself "Yes I want to".

2. There are tons of accessible colouring books these days and you can purchase them in your local bookstores.You can purchase one specially for "You" time.

3. Don't forget to buy various coloured-pens/markers (recommended Sharpie Markers). Or if you would like something simpler, you can start off with colour pencils or crayons.

4. If you are a mommy or daddy, you can peek through you little ones' colouring books to get some ideas. This time, try to see it in a different light; it is a good chance for you to be in touch with your innerchild.

5. Maybe you'd like to indulge in a colouring activity with your little one for a parent-child bonding session.

6. Colouring activity can be a great way to release stress not just for one, but for two too! Why don't initiate this simple activity for you and your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend to do together?

7. When you are down, sit down with your colours, take a moment and colour. 

8. Again, the tip here is to be UNCONSCIOUS with your colours.

9. Let your colours flow, which ever colours comes to mind, use it! Then take a step back and observe and analyse. Light a candle while you're at it and let the energy come from within!

10. REMEMBER: Colours define us and colours heal us. When you are feeling blue, use colours to define your sadness or emotions; then turn to the next page and ask yourself, which colour would make you feel better, then colour with it!

Living On the Earth Pictures courtesy of Living On the Earth Book by Alicia Bay Laurel: All credits goes to author, Alicia Bay Laurel.
Photos of Sharpie Markers: Usage of Product Images: credits goes to Sharpie® 

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