Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Dog Tag Charm Bracelet

Monday, October 15, 2012
by Serene of Playful & Snazzy
*The Artsy Craftsy Blog Designer*

Today in this post was contributed by Serene of Playful & Snazzy. I have to apologize for the delay of posting up this awesome tutorial because it was sent to another email that was down for maintenance. However, i managed to save it and post it up. I find this piece awesome (i think i am repeating for the 3rd time already. haha!) Not because of the dog tag charm bracelet, but because of how Serene presented her tutorial in an organized & clean layout using neat font too.

I love it! It's unique, and immediately caught my attention when I saw this on her blog with the link she has provided me. I like the way she has laid out the picture of materials required. And i love the polaroid-style photo! 

Thumbs up Serene! And please keep the tutorials coming, I always look forward to hearing from you other crafters and their tutorials submission.

Enjoy! and don't forget to drop by her blog.

and the finishing work:

Awesome! *Screams with excitement*

Note: Playful & Snazzy also does customization, get yours soon.

*Photos courtesy of Playful & Snazzy

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