Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Chance to Become a Crafty Fashionista!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Arts & Craft vs. Fashion: To some, it may seem like two different worlds, but not at all in today’s pop culture.

At one time, Arts & Craft was stereotyped as products created by villagers from outskirt areas. Some even said that Arts & Craft are usually created by poor artists and crafters, and is sold at places like Central Market. You would have probably come across weaved baskets, stones painted, wooden keychains, etc. made for tourists.  But of course, that was then; weaved baskets and wooden crafts are valuable now, and artists & crafters are joining the ranks of entrepreneurs. Plus, the world of Arts & Craft has evolved in the whirlwind of our curr ent creative culture;

Everyone wants to MAKE-MAKE-MAKE to showcase at the latest hip bazaars and events in Malaysia.

Along with the whirlwind of creative culture, more and more young bloods are emerging with personal DIY styles & needlework skills to add to their wardrobes or on their way to become the NEXT Fashion Stylist! And this passion wasn’t nurtured from yesterday, more like vintage yesteryears of their mothers, grandmothers! Thus, began their glorifying passion to create a fashion statement with a wearable art- the art of craft and fashion.

This is where Sew-Sweet-Designs come in!

Offering you a crafty sewing class enough for you to kick start your deep DIY passion. Sew- Sweet-Designs are the creator of chic handsewn handbags perfect for a creative girl’s everyday use. They are expanding, now diving into producing whimsical plush owls and even customizable range of apparels. Their selection of fabric supplies is stunning, with a touch of soft hues and adorable patterns from Midwestern-inspired styles.

So, when you sign up to learn from Sew-Sweet-Designs, you are learning from one of the most talented crafters of today’s creative culture.

For those who are interested in signing up for Sew-Sweet-Designs sewing class, log on to

*Photo credit Sew-Sweet-Designs
*This blog post was sponsored by Sew-Sweet-Designs                                           

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