Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to Dress Up a Brown Paper Bag

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
by Paper Bags Galore

Brown paper bags. A common, everyday item that is easily taken for granted. Well, did you know that they are as versatile as they are common? Think gift bags and you have opened up a whole world of crafty opportunities.
I’ve recently started a new venture selling different kinds of paper bags and I currently have all these paper bags surrounding me, calling out to me saying, “Pick me! Pick me! Do me up so I look pretty!”. Now, who knew paper bags could rhyme?

So I thought, ok-lah let’s try dressing them up! I’m no craftsperson and I imitate better than I create so it’s a great relief to see so many better examples out there (see links below) to learn from. So today I’d like to share what I did, with a pictorial on decorating a good ol’ brown paper bag. Enjoy!

The paper bag above can be used for anything. A gift for a friend or even a simple gift bag at a wedding. Here are other designs you can work with:

(This article can also be found on EtsyMalaysia.com posted on 02 Nov 2012.)

*Article and Photos by Charis of Paper Bags Galore

When not hearing strange voices from paper bags, Charis is married to Samuel and is a full-time mommy to a baby boy named Jared. She loves crafting in what free time she now has and has several small online businesses on Etsy and other social media platforms. You can find her on Deejai Supplies, Square Art and Paper Bags Galore.


  1. i like! good idea. maybe will take this idea as wedding favors. :P

  2. this is very economical, and cute

    1. Yes it is! =) A great way to make fun party packs. Perhaps can even turn into an activity during a party too. Paper Bags Galore did a very good job with it. =)

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