Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Make Your Own Doll Clothes

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
by A Girl for All Time
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If you’re a doll collector, buying many different outfits for your dolls can be a difficult process; sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect clothing for them and even if you do, good quality clothing is usually unreasonably expensive. But, making your own doll clothes can cost practically nothing and even better, you can literally conjure up any outfit you can imagine! This guide will show you how you can make fantastic doll clothes at home on a budget.

The Design

Before you actually start cutting and sewing any fabric, you’re going to need to come up with a great design for your new doll clothes. If the doll you’re working on has existing clothing that fits well, then you can always unpick the stitches on these and use them to create a template for your new garments. If not, get some newspaper and cut out the required shapes and alter them until when held together, they fit your doll nicely. Remember to leave some room to seam the pieces together and you’ll have made yourself a brilliant template. The best thing about this method is that once you've made a template for a particular piece of clothing, you can use it again and again with different fabrics to make as many different outfits as you want.

Cutting your Fabric
Once you have designed your template pieces, 
take some small pins and attach the templates to your chosen fabric. Next, take a pair of sharp scissors and cut around the templates, being sure to leave a few millimeters extra around the edge of each piece to make sure that you have enough fabric. Offer the pieces of fabric up to the doll to confirm that you still have all your measurements right before you waste any time sewing/gluing something that isn't going to fit. 

Also check to see if you haven’t frayed or ripped any of the fabric whilst you were cutting it. If the fabric is unusable for any reason, grab your template again and cut out some more.

Making the Clothes

Here comes the hardest part, fastening the fabric together to make your doll’s new clothes. You can do this one of two ways, firstly, you can simply get a needle and thread and sew the clothes together, or alternatively you can use a glue gun to attach the fabric to itself. If you use a glue gun, be careful as they use hot glue and can be dangerous. 

Making sure that you only sew the back of the fabric, fold over the small allowance you left for a seam and couple it up with the seam on the other half of your fabric. 

Sew them together slowly, as to minimize mistakes and ensure your doll’s new clothes look as good as they possibly can. Once everything is sewn together, you can use anything like sequins or beads to decorate your new doll clothes to give them the kind of look you would associate with a luxurious designer label.

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