Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Style with ZALORA: Khoon Hooi Fashion Au Naturel Grecian

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

credits Zalora Malaysia
The name Khoon Hooi reminded me of my little girl days when I discovered that fashion designing was one of my passion. My first fashion illustration was the “Little Black Dress”. As a child, I learned about international fashion designers; by the time I was a teen exploring my future career path, I discovered about our homegrown fashion designers. I admired our local designers’ and the name they have attained in the growing fashion design industry in Malaysia- Khoon Hooi was one of them.

With his latest creative fashion collection, Malaysia’s very own famous fashion designer, Khoon Hooi is known for his delicate designs of incorporating ‘feminine Grecian romance’ which brings out a woman’s inner-power and au naturel creativity rather than being ethereally angelic. This proves that an outfit is able to enhance a woman’s personality and appearance, and here’s why:

Story of an Outfit
credits Zalora Malaysia
A piece of garment is able to describe a person’s character; it tells a lot about one’s identity. Pairing with colours, it affects your feelings and how you feel about yourself.

Take for instance; when you’re picking out your outfit, you select your attire for the day based on the occasion, the comfort of the fabric against your skin, and how the colour makes you feel. Then you complement it with make-up, using matching colours that would suit your features; and lastly, you pair the rest of your outfit with matching shoes and other accessories.

You know, I always felt that there is a fine line between looking good and feeling good; and I strongly support the idea of an outfit that is able to make you feel good wherever you are.

But with Khoon Hooi’s, the fabric selection and resilient designs would be able to make a woman feel comfortable, yet sophisticated with a little girly playfulness. The design of the dress is structured to fit a woman comfortably, while she moves & grooves along with the dress and feeling sensual with the soft fabric against her skin.

Style is the Game
credits Zalora Malaysia
Most women choose their outfit based on their own preferred style. I have to say so myself too that I would never wear a RED POLKA DRESS no matter how cute it is, because it simply just isn’t my style. A style depends on your personality and interest; what sort of colours you like, favourite patterns, type of music, books, etc. It tells a lot about you. It is important to know what sort of clothing matches your style because in a big picture, it affects your day and how you present yourself.

But with Khoon Hooi’s, your style is prioritized; especially one that brings out the woman in you. Khoon Hooi’s feminine Grecian designs are meant to assert independence through the attire, and the vivid colours meant to illuminate a woman’s features and figure. Look alive from a lady full of grace to a simple lighthearted girl and a magnetically enchanting woman in Khoon Hooi’s lightly cascading and regal draping design collection.

credits Zalora Malaysia
Magic of Colours
As a little girl, I always watched my mother get ready for a special date and observed how she picks out her outfit based on its colour to fit the occasion. My mother always tell me, she loves to pick the colour Red, because it makes her feel womanly, independent and grounded. Recently, when I reconnected back with colours, I discovered how much colours can affect my emotions too especially in my clothes.

Each colour has its own magic powers, and every woman carries a little magical powers with her too. When a woman puts on her favourite outfit, she makes sure she chooses a colour that makes her outstanding and energized.

With Khoon Hooi’s, the collection comes in various vibrant colours ranging from luminously bright to warm and spirited colours to enhance each and every one of your style and characteristics. Whether you are out for a romantic evening, or under the sun, Khoon Hooi’s unique collection makes you feel alive and comfortable with excitement.

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