Thursday, April 4, 2013

Get to know the Types of Creative Journaling

Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Everyday is a creative journey, because every day we are always creating."

Here's my two cents on creative journaling. Creative journaling was one of the techniques I recently discovered. By far the best when I was exploring different mediums to express myself artistically. I have to admit that starting from scratch wasn't easy. I didn't have books to refer to, so I dove into doing lots of research on the internet. Thanks to the amazing artists and bloggers from all over the world, I managed to compile enough information to start my own creative journaling journey/adventure.

During my exploration, I realized that journaling is not something that you can study or memorize, like in school, and apply it onto paper; even though it consists of mix media and collage techniques. It is an expressive piece of art, and has to unveil naturally from within you, especially when you create.

In return, this post is dedicated to newbie's or those who are seeking ways to express their inner artist or explore journaling as a hobby. Here I am dedicating a month's worth of blog post to the creative journaling topic- starting with introducing you to the various types of creative journals that you can explore with.

Types of Creative Journals:
  • Artist Insurrection Journal
  • Manifestation Journal (creating abundance and happiness)
  •  Memento Journal (treasuring memories)
  • Idea Journal (for inspiration)
  • Mini Prompt Journal (Your every day motivation)
  • Paint Body Journal (Problem solution)
  • I am Journal (Self-acknowledgement)
  • Gratitude Journal (Being thankful)
  • Name Journal (Personal palette of loving self)
  • Travelling Journal (Logs of your adventures)
And more…

Why Journal?
As a teenager, I used to keep a diary and would keep a log of all things that happened to me in my life; whether it is about my first heartbreak or happy friendship moments. Keeping a log of my self-expression was helpful, because it helped me survive all those tough moments as a teenager.

Similar to a diary, a creative journal helps you express yourself- especially if you find difficulties in expressing with your voice. I find that creative journaling helps artists, crafters and even writers break away from that creative blockage and bring out that inner-creative talent in you. Creative journaling helps us communicate better about how we feel, and most importantly help us understand ourselves too.

You can even create a manifestation/motivation when you combine your powerful imagination with your thoughts and feelings.

Want to dive in deeper into each type of journaling? Stay tune for the next upcoming post to know more about creative journaling!

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