Friday, May 3, 2013

A visit to Photo Crafts for Project: Analog

Friday, May 3, 2013

At first I was wondering if I should buy a film to make use of the couple of cameras I have lying around. Knowing how popular they are right now, I feel really lucky to own these cameras especially vintage analog ones, even though my knowledge in using analog is just so-so. Everything is digital nowadays, but I like the art of analog and results taken with these cameras. Among my collection, I also own two film (battery) cameras- my mother's Canon Prima BF-9S-date and an Olympus Trip XB401 which was my love's when he used to take photos as a kid. (click to see example of photos taken by Lomo Society using these cameras)

When I was a kid I used to take photos with black & white films; maybe because of the influence I have from my sister who used to explore photography when she was in college. I remember how fun it was taking photos with a film camera. You won't know what is the outcome yet until you develop those pictures, but at the same time, you go around intuitively taking photos without feeling self-conscious about how the pictures will turn out. Intuitive, yes, that's the key word.

I made my way to Photo Crafts, an awesome store in a local shopping mall that focuses on lomograph cameras and films. Here is my visit to Photo Crafts. Awesome store! If ever you are interested in going back into analog cameras, you can get your tools of the trade here:

Places: Photo Crafts, Sunway Pyramid
For the rest of the photos, click on the album

Photo Crafts sells amazing stuff; they don't just sell cameras but films too and provide photo development service with friendly customer service. Very friendly and informative with recommendations and explanations if you have any queries. Pricing is not bad either, affordable for those who wants to venture into this cool hobby. I purchased my Kodak Professional black & white film from the shop, priced at RM24. Not bad eh? got some batteries, checked out a video tutorial on how to load a film...
 and finally, successfully loaded the film into the camera (I decided to try out my mom's Canon instead) all on my own! without any help! Proud of myself, yay!

I also referred to this guide for some tips.

Well, I want you to know that I will be spending a couple of days to take lots of pictures using the film camera. Once I am done, I will update soon on the blog. If you are interested in checking my photos once I'm done, stay updated via my Facebook page for my announcement. Have a good weekend!

*Special thanks to Photo Crafts, Pui Fun and team for allowing to take photos of the outlet
*Photos belong to The Artsy Craftsy
*All photos were edited to suit blog post requirements

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