Sunday, May 26, 2013

DIY Easy Necklace Holder in just 1 Hour

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hola creatives, I noticed that I have not been posting a really typical crafty DIY tutorial for your craft-fix. I have been meaning to post this tutorial up as I was saving it for a good time like right now to blog about it. Sometime ago, I set up a booth at a local bazaar to sell my handmade bohemian necklaces and rings. Most of my designs are upcycled jewelries and I really enjoy making them at that time. While I was planning for my set up, I wanted a stand to hang my necklaces so that my customers can view them upright from far. It was last minute and I needed something fast, pretty and easy to make as the bazaar was the next day.

With a plain wooden board I had lying around, I used it to craft my DIY necklace holder. I combined the decoupage painting technique with my own version.

All you need is just 1-Hour, it's very simple!

To make this, you need:

1. Plain wooden board. Any size, your preference.
2. Wrapping paper. Design and colour of your choice.
3. Basic tools: Scissors, strong glue like UHU glue, large paintbrush
4. Acrylic Paint. Preferably select colour(s) to match your wrapping paper. It will be for touch up.
5. Glitter Gel Dust (Try Jo Sonja Opal Gel Dust)
6. Plastic hooks with adhesive


Make sure your wooden board in clean and free from dust. Lightly wipe away with a damp cloth.
Cut strips of the wrapping in V-shapes, or if you want to do free-style, tear it!
Then, use glue to glue the strips of paper on the board.
You don't have to glue it closely to one another, you can leave gaps/spaces in between the strips, leave some room for the wooden surface to be seen.


Next, dry-brush (means do not mix your acrylic with water at all) your wooden board.
You can literally paint (up down motion) or dabble to cover the wooden surface.
Don't worry if the paint touches the paper. Try to blend the paint and paper together.
For a quick dry, use a hair-dryer if you must.


Then, use some glitter gel to enhance the painted board.
Spread the glitter all over. You can even use back the same brush so that the paint and gel mixes.
Don't mix the gel with water.


For the glitter gel, I used a Jo Sonja Opal Gel dust from the Jo Sonja paint range. 
Usually used in folk art painting.
Its holographic particles enhances your paintings, especially if it is on a dark background like black.
But if you have your own choice of glitter gel, you may incorporate into it.


Part 1 is done! If you have spread the glitter, dry it with a hair dryer.


Now, use a plastic adhesive hook for the hanger.
Plan your hook- arrangement and how many do you want to use.


Here I have arranged it in a V-Shape according to the board's size 
and how I want my necklaces to be hung.
Use the UHU glue to glue it.


Done! There you go, just 1-hour!
Now you are ready to hang your necklaces. You can add on other things for your convenience.
If you have a revamped version, leave me a comment and share it with me! I'd love to see it.

note: Craft & Closet no longer exist. It is now known as The Artsy Craftsy Shop


  1. Pretty! Love the colors. Found you through Wonder Forest blog connect!

    1. Hi Tori! Thank you for dropping by my blog. =) And thank you for loving this tutorial and the colours. Amazing isn't it! I was amazed with how the pictures turned out too, with all the purple. So magical. =D