Friday, May 31, 2013

Latest Announcement: The Artsy Craftsy Blog - May 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013
I don't do these announcements often, but when I do post one up, it is usually because I feel there is something significant that I want to announce and share with you, my readers. 

Here's what's been going on on my blog space:
1. ONLINE Store is still in progress. I have been working on its outlook, dealing with the e-commerce team, etc. and also preparing my merchandise. I foresee that it will take sometime for me to do this (mostly one man show) so hang in there.

2. The blog will always be open for Special Features and Advertisements/Sponsored posts. If you want to promote your creative biz to a niche market, this is the blog for you. I am also open to reviewing arts and craft supplies. 

3. My arts and crafts group on Facebook has been revived! From time to time, I have new comers joining the network to announce their good stuff. Perhaps you might want to be part of it too.

4. I've been featuring quite a number of new Picks for creative inspirations, and my latest addition to the list is Fashion picks; courtesy of Polyvore for the amazing collage tools.

5. As always my blog is open for Guest Blogging Submissions. If you are interested to reach out to inspire others, please email me, and I will share with you how you can be part of it. 

What to look out for?
New design:
As you can see, my blog layout has gone through some revamp, thanks to the amazing designer at Playful & Snazzy. I have permanent colours to define my blog; Sea blue and Soft Yellow.

Note: There is a reason why these colours are selected for the blog. It is because I want you, my readers to feel calm, peaceful and inspired when you are browsing through my blog.

Because of the revamp, I have also included couple of new goodies- soon I will be uploading FREEBIES on the freebies page (above) where you can download free beautiful affirmation posters designed by me (including photographs taken by me too).

One of my recent craze phase is taking photographs (film/digital) and editing it through android software application. I go nuts with it and I enjoy making my photos look artsy. I hope you like em' too! You can visit my About page (scroll down at the bottom) to see what photo editing software I recommend.

Stay tune and stay inspired!