Friday, June 28, 2013

Carousell Mobile App

Friday, June 28, 2013

When the creators of Carousell approached me to do a review, I was excited because I practice shopping online, shopping secondhand/preloved goods and selling my items (both preloved and brand new) too. Therefore, it was such an honor to be able to do a blog post about an app that meet my requirements.

Carousell is a FREE mobile application that allows you to SELL and BUY preloved or brand new goods. 

Carousell allows you to list your items through your phone and with just a click away, your items are immediately on sale for other buyers. You don't need to go through the hassle of taking a photo with your camera/phone, then plug in the USB, then load it up on the website. 

NOW with Carousell it is all very FAST & SIMPLE! Don't we all want that?

Downloading Carousell
Carousell app is available both on Google Play and App Store. You can download it on the website OR use your Android/iPhone to do it. It is very fast. Carousell App allows you to create an account with your email address OR Facebook account. 


There are various categories to shop from and list your items under, ranging from home, books, design & craft (I know crafters would love this), vintage items, including games & toys, sporting gears and even tickets! If you are seller, it is important for you to categorize your items correctly in order for your buyers to view your items. There is a refresh button above for you to refresh for new items that are being updated from time to time. You can also browse around, click on the activity, and most importantly your profile page.

If you are more of a buyer rather than a seller, you can still create an account on Carousell to keep track of bargains that you are looking for. Otherwise, create an account for both purpose- sell and buy! That's what I do. Creating an account is simple, make sure that you use a clearer photo of yourself so that your buyer/seller will know who you are- this is to create trust. Carousell app has a couple of additional features that allows you to keep track of your listings, number of followers, people you are following, favourite things otherwise known as wishlist, and most of all offers you have made, so that you don't lose track of bargains and purchases you have made with a seller.

Selling on Carousell

Listing your item on Carousell is easy. The 'SELL' button is directly above on the right hand corner for easy access. It allows you to take new photo or select an existing photo. It will immediately direct you to key in your details, starting off by item name and description. Another thumbs up feature is location- not just where you are located, but the place you are okay with COD (Cash on delivery method). 

As soon as you are done with your details, it directs you to submit your photos, allowing you to take several photos in one listing. You can opt to have different angles at 4 shots at the most.

Carousell App allows you to categorize your item and share it. It also allows you to share it on Facebook or Twitter, giving you the opportunity to share your new updates with your friends, to drive traffic to your Carousell profile page.

Once you have already listed an item, Carousell automatically creates a little web page/link online for you. You can see mine here.

Carousell App is not complicated at all. The app is simple, direct and fast. It is hassle-free and the developers are efficient when it comes to bug-fixing. Here are some of my take on Carousell App and hopefully you can try it out yourself.

Benefits of Carousell Mobile App
- Allow your goods to be put to good use by another owner
- Go ECO swapping
- Go thrifty by shopping from another user
- Assorted preloved/secondhand goods such as CD's, books and more instead of overspending
- Keep track of your favourite seller/buyer and create a network with them
- Meeting others that share same fashion taste as you for future-swapping or shopping
- MOST IMPORTANTLY! Snowball your cash and raise funds!

turn goods into money

What else can you use Carousell for?
- Sell your handmade crafts; accessories, jewelry, bags, apparels, trinkets, keepsakes, etc.
- Promote your handmade items
- If you are an aspiring fashion designer, why not? it is a good place to start

Carousell is NOT FOR
- Selling unusable trash, that means things that are already broken or destroyed
- Spamming, trolling, stalking

Give it a try and download Carousell! Or add me: @theartsycraftsy

For more details: About Carousell | Contact Carousell

*Information provided by Carousell team
* All photos are snapshots from my phone except the last image entitled: Turn goods into money
* Turn goods into money image is only for illustration purpose
* Snapshots of Carousell interfact has been edited to meet blog post requirements

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