Friday, June 14, 2013

First book giveaway a success

Friday, June 14, 2013

First thing first, I am very happy that I managed to solve the blog's Navigation bar, thanks to Krafty Palette.
Playful & Snazzy and I have been  trying to figure out why my Navi bar is not centralize- feels like a huge techie thing for us to solve. I am glad that now it has been solve, surprisingly, it has quite an influence over me blogging. Nonetheless, all is good now.

Secondly, I am really happy that my FIRST book giveaway was a success. I told myself to set aside a total of 4 books to be given away to my readers on my blog. My experience in promoting the giveaway was interesting; first of all I wasn't sure if there will be anyone who would be interested in the book. I was afraid that my readers would think that I might be imposing my own beliefs as a religious belief (but I wasn't) and so to make sure that the understanding was clear, I included a disclaimer in the post that readers are welcome to ignore it if they feel uncomfortable. I was surprised at myself actually, but I was glad to be clear about it and to speak up; I have learned over the years to speak up (not voice out). I feel that when I speak up, it helps establish communication between me and the other person.

When I was sending out the books to the participants, I also made each of them a bookmark/artcard, exclusively drawn for each of them. Thanking the participants in this post for their participation and cooperation.

Have a good day!

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