Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Inspiration: Dream catchers by Vaishnavii Devi

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I was always fascinated with dreamcatchers. Perhaps it is the mysticism side of me that is amazed with the magic behind dreamcatchers and its significant meaning of the Native Americans. I know it is much more than just getting rid of bad dreams. We don't get a lot of dreamcatchers here in Malaysia, and when I do come across a unique individual like Vaishnavii, the dream weaver, who crafts beautiful dreamcatchers, I am eager to share her craftwork on my blog. Vaishnavii's dreamcatchers comes in various colours. Its style is ethnic and mystical at the same time.

A dreamcatcher often reminds me of a Mandala. Maybe because of its circle shape, and its lines and patterns incorporate within the sacred circle itself. I truly admire this magical touch by another creative & intuitive introvert.

Vaishnavii is a self-taught jewellery artisan of Garden of Eva, who loves craft and accessories ever since the age of 5. Her late mom, Rani, nurtured her craft skills and used to encourage her to pursue her interest.

Vaishnavii is also passionate about the art of make-up, accessories, especially dreamcatchers, and described this as her true passion and the career she wants to pursue. Often perceived as an introvert, ironically she has a degree in PR and have been in the industry for past 10 years; but today, Vaishnavii aims to own a handmade accessories boutique and become a professional make-up artist 10 years from now.


  1. She truly is a talented Woman with natural beauty to spice things up :D

    1. Hi Kamzzy, thank you for reading my blog, it is an honor. Yes she is indeed. I love her dreamcatchers!

  2. Thank you Afroditi Kat! Glad you like it! =D