Friday, August 2, 2013

Colours inspired by Grunge Music

Friday, August 2, 2013
Colours Inspired by Grunge Music

I don't really speak to others about Music or my music taste. I share music in general, but I don't when it comes to personal taste. But if I am asked to share my playlist for work inspiration, I would gladly share my variety of favorite albums and artists. I was listening to Korn- Greatest Hits Volume 1 and I got a little colour inspiration from there. Nu-metal genre- Korn has always been my favourite. I know it's a little hard to accept for some individuals because of its foul language- nonetheless, their lyrics have always been inspiring to me. It is like creativity in the soul except the harder version of it. Not angry, just harder. Its tune is addictive; and listening to one of Korn's song "Another Brick in the Wall" it has led me to researching for Grunge Colour Palettes. Okay, I do know that grunge and nu-metal is two different genres, but it led me to create a grunge theme colour moodboard.

Grunge Colour Palettes aren’t always black. Even though I’m a big fan of black, I noticed that vivid colours are just expressive as the colour black. In my opinion, grunge colours mostly consist of (yes, black), Purple, Pink, Burgundy Red, Rustic Brown, Blackish Blue, to name a few. So, here is my take on colours inspired by grunge music.

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