Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to Upcycle a Tin Box. Featuring Heartshape Embellishment

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hey creatives! Sorry I took awhile to blog about my upcycle tin box project. I have uploaded a short video on The Artsy Craftsy TV so that you don't miss out on my latest project. In my previous post, I blogged about making a quick and easy key chain as wedding favors. I used Crafty Cabin's affordable supplies of craft materials to make it. I had one embellishment left from Crafty Cabin's supply- a heartshape embellishment with white dots; I decided to use it in my upcycle tin box project.

I found an unwanted tin box lying around, probably an old souvenir, and decided to turn it into a keepsake box. I hope this post will give you an idea on how you can upcycle your unwanted gift boxes too.

I gathered some simple materials and here's my take on it:

Sponge brush (for paint to spread evenly)
Tin box
Acrylic paint
Clear gesso (for the base)
Gilding wax in Gold (for enhancement)
Self-made clay mosaic tiles (you can make this using polymer clay/paper clay)
Strong-adhesive glue
Heartshape embellishment (courtesy of Crafty Cabin)

This project is almost easy, but it does require at least a day or two to complete; especially for the drying part. Otherwise, you can also use a hairdryer for a quick dry. Beware of the box heated up though. Please note that I only worked on the cover of the box; it is up to you to how you want it to be decorated.

Here's a quick video on how I did it:

Share with me your upcycled tin box, i'd love to see it! Have fun!


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