Saturday, August 3, 2013

Redscale Film photography

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Redscale photographs shot with Canon Prima BF-9S date

I went on another film photoshoot adventure, this time not with any normal film but a redscale film. I decided to take photos with a simple and basic point and shoot film camera, a Canon BF-9s date; all I wanted to see was the result of the redscale film. Thanks to Kamerami for making this happen.

The redscale film is a regular 35mm film. It is a specially converted redscale film from a Kodak Colorplus 200 135/36Color Negative Film.  

Taking photos with a redscale film gives your photos a vintage result; practically raw and original. You cannot achieve this same raw vintage effect digitally of course, especially when you edit it using a photo editing software. You could probably try your best in doing so, but the result wouldn’t be as authentic as a vintage film photograph. You can expect the photos to be saturated with red and orange hues.

My point in sharing this is it isn’t about the result of the film, but the intuitive experience of film photography. It has been more than 3 months I have been exploring with analogue photography; I can truly say that the intuitive experience has given me more chance to break creative boundaries.

You might ask, how can film photography help enhance creative intuition? Honestly, the answer is based on personal experience. You might or might not find it an intuitive process, but when you are taking photographs using a film camera, you are not only capturing a picture. You are capturing the essence of a moment, relying on your creative intuition to immortalize the scene or the little things in life that you find fascinating. You are not only relying on your eyes, or what seem pretty to you, and it is definitely different from relying on modern technology digital features to keep correcting your photos.

My advice is use Digital cameras for big photography project, like product photography; and use film photography for getting in touch with your inner creative self.

If you are interested in trying out film photography or purchase a redscale film, head on over to Kamerami for starters.

For samples of redscale film results, view it on my Youtube channel:

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