Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Style with Wednesday Addams

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


When I posted this style on instagram, I wrote "If I have daughter, I'd dress her up in these Brogues shoes." I love the whole dark morbid look, I love the colour black. I paired it with a black skater dress and a cardigan. I love it so much even though my love said I look like a strict Catholic Nun. I laughed so hard!

I am a sucker for this style since I was a teen, and I still don't know why. If any of you know who the character Daria from MTV / Beavis & Butthead, well I was a sucker for the black combat boots.

When I watched Addams Family, I was a sucker for Wednesday Addams dark morbid outlook. I love her jet black hair, pigtails, black dress and black shoes.

Black isn't a bad colour (although the Asians think so). It really depends how you perceive the colour Black. There is so much more to the colour Black, as it depicts independence, bold, anarchy.

Black Brogues shoes: H&M Malaysia
Black stockings: H&M Malaysia
Black skater dress: Forever 21

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