Monday, October 28, 2013

A Peek inside my Creative Lifestyle Shop

Monday, October 28, 2013

My creative biz/online store has many names. It goes back to my college days; I was 18 when I first started my Fabric Painting / Reconstructed Fashion biz because I realized I wanted to make money making clothes to buy new clothes to wear to college. At that time my biz was called Painted On Enterprise. I received orders from friends, lecturers and even placed my items to sell in a tattoo parlour and concept stores.

It was awesome!

After graduation, I furthered my biz a little. I did consignment work by painting on couture & wedding dresses, had two fashion shows, painted on masks and on people (body painting). It was known as L for Lynn at that time.

A year or two after that, I wanted to expand my biz to other handmade and handpainted goods, but because I had to help out my just-retired mother at that time, I gave it up. I tried to juggle with work and taking in orders to paint on more couture dresses but I couldn't cope and so there ends L for Lynn.

Years later, I was motivated once more to start a biz, an online blogshop called Starfish Rocks. I wanted to join the preloved hype to rid off my good clothes that I could no longer wear. It was real fun and then I decided to expand further into making necklaces with upcyclable materials. It was called Craft & Closet.

As The Artsy Craftsy grew, I decided to merge it with the blog. Allow me to introduce my Creative Lifestyle online store, called The Artsy Craftsy SHOP.

People ask me, what is The Artsy Craftsy Shop all about- also known as T.A.C Shop in short, this little humble beginnings of mine was a side project at first to support handmade. Eventually, the concept grew and decided that it was time for T.A.C to have its own creative lifestyle product line.

The items offered at T.A.C Shop are creative lifestyle related items, ranging from handmade inspirational accessories, creative supplies or even colourful and artistic keepsakes, decor and apparels. Everything in store aim to keep the spirit of creativity alive.

Items that are handmade or prepared is made with a symbol of love and creativity. Each piece has an aesthetic value.

With this, I hope that your shopping experience is also an inspiring and magical one.

Have fun!

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