Thursday, October 10, 2013

Style: Fashion Trends that You can Rock Today

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Whenever I spot fashionable outfits on Coco Fashion, once again I am reminded about how creative the fashion industry can be. Coco Fashion has elevated the idea of fashion of today's pop culture, offering different array of outfits, tops and bottoms to suit each and everyone's individual style.

Fashion is a cycle. What was yesteryear's trend is today's trendiest fashion style. Fashion has always been an anticipation, especially among us women.

The idea of fashion is not about wearing clothes to define us; it doesn't define us. We wear clothes based on our selection, our choice of material according to our preference that makes us who we are or how special we are. In my opinion, being creative is part of fashion too. Creative-fashion unleashes your identity; it allows you to embrace your uniqueness and what you love about you. You wear who-you-are, not what-you-are.

There are numbers of outfits and styles in the fashion industry; even though 2 outfits are the same colour and style, no 2 people are the same. We may wear the same clothing, but we wear it different. Whether it is based on colours, prints, style, cutting, etc. we wear because it makes us who we are. It makes you- You.

A big part of Coco Fashion includes its assorted trends, styles and colours; it offers a large collection where you can flaunt your style in Asian-inspired fashion/Street Asian fashion.

Today, fashion trends expanded with various trends and styles that are no longer limited to certain age groups. Here are a list of fashion trends that Coco Fashion has to offer, that you cannot go wrong. And I am certain, you can rock it with:

The Aztec
Aztec prints are currently in trend. Unlike other prints such as geometric, floral, stripes, abstract, to name a few, Aztec prints is a style with an edge. The designs available at Coco Fashion certainly gives an entire wardrobe revamp!

The Asymmetric
Literally cutting-edge design, Asymmetric skirts and dresses by Coco Fashion makes day-2-night outfits possible. Slanted at the hem of your outfit isn't just for looks; asymmetric style turns it up a notch for your plain dresses or skirts without overdoing it.

The Peplum
Another day-2-night outfit, Peplum is a short, gathered at the waist and flared at the hips, the peplum by Coco Fashion has become my favourite ever since I learned how to style it with a pair of jeggings and mid-heels. I've learned that Peplum dress, skirt or blouse can be included as a must-have wardrobe essential. It can be matched with a blazer for a formal function or a scarf and sunglasses. Did I mention that the Peplum is good for looking awesome in any figure? Yes it is a must-have!

The Skater
Also a classic must-have wardrobe essential, I started realizing the good and wonderful use of skater dress when I purchased my first black sleeveless one online. I styled it up and down simple for every occasion with black vest, cropped cardigan, denim bolero, clincher and more! And matched it with every pair of shoes I have, from calf-length brown boots, high heels, flats, loafers, flip flops, to name a few. Skater dresses were once from good old days of late 50's to early 60's fashion.

The Shorts
Coco Fashion has an interesting array of Shorts. We now have high-waisted ones, another trend courtesy of fashion from the past. Shorts no longer have the reputation as casual and worn on lazy days anymore; now they come in different styles, cuttings and fabrics so that we can wear it sophisticated to casual.

The Denim
If fashion has to go another round of 360 degrees,  we all know that Denim is one trend/style that will never be removed from the cycle. Check out Coco Fashion's Denim range!

The Blazer
Like the Peplum, Blazers have become another must have in the closet. It is a piece of clothing that can styled up and down for almost every and any occasion. Coco Fashion carries a wide range of Blazers, comes in assorted colours, designs and styles to suit your every need. Roll up your sleeves to tackle a busy day or a social event, roll down your sleeves for a formal event; it is flexible!

Head on over to Coco Fashion, and make their style yours.

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