Thursday, October 31, 2013

Style Halloween: Happy 'Gloom Doom'

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sweater: SEED
Black Skater Dress: Forever21 Malaysia
Black Stockings: H&M Malaysia
Black Brogues: H&M Malaysia


I don’t usually celebrate Halloween.

What the hell, I don’t celebrate it at all. In Malaysia, people only celebrate it for fun and it is another occasion for friends to go out, drink and be merry together.

I have never been to a Halloween party at all. Even if I did, I think the only costume I’d put on is a witch, a gothic vampire, a sorcerer… and if it is anything fancy, it’ll be a fairy. Wee!

My colleagues and I decided to wear full black on this day. Something different and fun for a change, and the girls at work had lots of fun taking photos.

I decided to wear my 'WednesdayAddams style' paired with old fashioned brogues. Wearing black is my thing, so I was really excited when they agreed to do this.

Just for fun, we started taking funny photos. And because of my natural dark circles, I pulled off a psychotic look. I edited the photos of myself using Pixlr app.

Happy 2013 Halloween!

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