Thursday, October 24, 2013

Top Favourite Craft Supplies (don't forget the tools too)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Every crafter has his or her own favourite tools or materials. I wonder what is yours.

One of my readers asked me what are my favourite craft materials and tools. It was hard to just name one or two, because I realized I have a lot on my list. Only because I enjoy exploring with various types of materials and then afterward, it becomes one of my most often-used material in my projects.

I love exploring with different types of materials. It makes me feel that I can open up my horizon while creating art.

You know how wardrobe has its own essentials, well art and craft supplies has its own too.

So, prompted with the question, I thought that it would be nice to share with you a list of my favourite art and craft materials. I will also include what I usually it for, and hopefully it will inspire you.

Beads are my favourite. And it has to be pearl-like beads. There are only two sizes that I prefer to use when it comes to these beads; the regular and the large. They are usually my base when it comes to jewellery or accessory-making. These beads are great to be used as spacers for you to place them in between your other beads or embellishments in necklace or bracelet making.


When it comes to jewellery making or other decorative crafts, I always keep my charms in mind. I try to collect them as much as I can, to have at least a couple more extra varieties just in case I need them for my projects. Charms are very useful; it is not only applicable to jewellery making. There's so much more you can do with charms, such as making bookmarks as gifts, budget wedding favours, trinkets, keychains, zips for bag making and more.

Portable Work Station

Okay, I know this isn't really part of the art and craft supply (and tools) list, but to me it is; this is one of the most important thing to have (or you should consider having) as an artist/crafter. Over the years of making art, I learned that you can't just stay put and lock yourself up in a room to make art and craft all the time. You need to get out and embrace your environment too for inspirations. And sometimes, it is fun to bring your work along with you; who knows you might have an interesting project in mind that involves nature or outdoor.

Therefore, having the appropriate portable work station with you is highly-recommended. A toolbox is great, you can carry some of your tools or materials in it, but a portable workstation provides a surface for you to work on so that you don't have lug a platform with you around when you need it on the go. Plus, if you are a craft teacher- all the more reason why you should need one. So yes, this is my favourite! I love being organize and well-prepared.

Craft Storage Container
Need I say more? It is definitely big-time important especially when you are dealing with beads, knacks and all kinds of tiny things! No harm to have a couple of these. It is good to stay organize with this craft storage container.

Jewellery Design Board Beading Tray

For a tool, this is useful for jewellery making; not just for the beginners but for anyone. It helps you keep your beads organize while you are stringing it and helps you with planning a good necklace design. Consider having this as part of your essential.

Embellishments are useful when it comes to craft projects. Its back flat surface allows you to glue it strong unto any surface; you can use it when doing paper crafts, wooden crafts or more. Some embellishments can be sewn unto fabric, either way, they are still equally useful and recommended to have them stored in your box.


I love lace! Especially french lace. I include lace in my top favourite because it is a material that I love to incorporate into my sewing projects. Every time I do a reconstructed fashion project, I would enhance the recon top or bottom with lace. Besides using it for sewing, you can use lace for other projects too. How about dyeing a white lace? You can make an ombre shade or a gradient colour and then sew it on your clothes!


Clay is another top favourite material. Even though I don't use it often, but clay comes in handy especially when you want to make a pendant using stamps or your own little charms! You can also make magnets with it too. Clay and clay-making is the most versatile craft material that is super fun to work with!


Ribbons! Another important essential and my favourite! Like lace, ribbons are versatile- you can use it for all sorts of craft projects in paper crafting, decorative crafts, sewing, mixed media, etc. It is very useful and it is good to stand by with a couple of ribbons in your tool box. Not just for gift wrapping, no sir!

When I was a kid, I decorated almost everything and anything with stickers. I used to think it was childish when I grew up, but now I no longer think so. Even though I don't use it much, but I do keep a couple of stickers standby in my collection to use it for decorative purpose. You can also use adhesive diamantes from your local craft shop, and super glue it to your clay pendant or charms. It is that useful!

Strings and Cords

Yes, another one of my favourite. I have about 10 of these in different colours and materials. Super useful for jewellery making definitely, but not just for that of course. You can even use strings and cords for anthropology crafts; or imagine a leather craft for zakka craft projects.

 I like using appliques in sewing projects. There are so many types of appliques these days, ranging from crochet, bows, flower appliques and more. Appliques will look good in needlework projects, sewing clothing for children. Appliques can also be used for decorating your things, not just your crafts. Enhance that look on your pair of ballerina flats, and voila~ something new! Less is more!


Well, there you go- from my list of top favourite craft supplies. Actually, there's more to this list, but you get to know my important ones!

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Have fun!

*Photo courtesy of Crafty Cabin

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