Thursday, December 19, 2013

Style: The Easy Shirt

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Outfit details:
White chiffon short sleeves loose shirt: Coco Fashion
Black maxi dress: F21
Black pinafore with suspenders: H&M
Black mini skirt: H&M

Very easy indeed. Shirts are so easy to wear with and style with. If it's a plain white shirt, you got yourself a laid back weekender. If it's a black shirt, you got something mysterious and sexy. If it's an off white-ish kind of shirt (see through) like this here, you got yourself the 5's: sweet, sexy, smart, sophisticated and stylish.

It is too easy to wear, I tell ya'!

The best part of wearing shirts (boyfriend or no boyfriend type) is that it is so comfortable and great for style-down days. Especially if you find yourself waking up late to work, you don't know what to wear, throw on a shirt with a pair of jeans and pointy flats and you are good to go (with/without a spag strap inside depending on how bold you feel).

Light and comfy shirts aren't costly at all if you know the right place to get one. Check with your purpose on buying a shirt; is it for a formal wear? smart casual? or a wardrobe essential for you to mix and match anytime any day. It really depends what sort of shirt you are looking for, for different purpose. When selecting a shirt, try choosing one with a pattern that would never go out of style. Avoid getting something that you can only wear once, and get something that is multipurpose.

Happy shirt-ing!

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