Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Blog Round Up

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year awesome readers!

Finally the new year has kicked in, and it's another year for me to continue what I have started 6 years ago. I told myself that this year, instead of the common new year resolution that everyone is making a list of, I would do something different instead. NO LIST. Instead of making new goals, I want to continue working on my goals, which I have already thought of 5 years ago. After all, we are all a work in progress. =)

Today also made me realized how far I have come with The Artsy Craftsy blog. It has grown so much since the first time I blogged on it. 

You might noticed that in my archive my blog posts are listed from 2009, even though I always mentioned that I started in 2008. Here's a fun fact, The Artsy Craftsy was originally called Knick-Knacks, and I first created this blog account 2-3 years before 2008. After that, in 2008, I came back to it, and stopped, and returned to it again in 2009. When I finally kicked off to do this blogging thing, I experienced one of the most challenging experience in my life in attempting to create a healthy creative & spiritual lifestyle for myself. There's was a lot of inner battle I'd say. Anyways, when the blog went through revamp, I had to clear off a lot of blog posts that was irrelevant and plus a lot of the pictures were damaged and unable to retrieve it back. I am still working on fixing old blog posts, however, most of it would have to be removed.

The Artsy Craftsy blog has gone through a lot of ups and downs. Even though it is just 'a blog', but it has one helluva' journey because it has changed my life so much. Blogging has helped me pick myself up and helped me recover from anxiety, and certainly has helped me cope with many personal challenges in life, work and self-esteem.

But thanks to my readers and new visitors from all over the world, it has pushed me to keep going strong, and learned to improve my blog. 

So, for the 1st day of 2014, I have decided to round up some of my favourite blog posts from past year. For old time's sake, enjoy!
Blog post How to Remind yourself to be proud of who you are in April 2013
Blog post Draw a Mandala in Feb 2012
Blog post How to Deal with Blogging Challenges in November 2013

Blog post Stay Creative because Dreams do Come True in May 2013
Blog post Pursuing my Passion and Being Practical in July 2013
Blog post Being Authentic in  August 2013
Blog post 10 Things to do When you Don't know What to do in August 2013
Blog post Draw a Mandala in Feb 2012

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