Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Visit to Pak John Steamboat, eCurve Mutiara Damansara

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Imagine yourself out for dinner with your family, and there's like more than 5 to 10 of you, practically starving! Deciding where to eat is probably the last thing you want to do. Of course, you want something fast, affordable, with good variety to cater to each and every individual's needs. Some would say, McDonalds? Maybe, but I know some would say No too, you know cos it's not really healthy.

Well, I finally realize that one of the best solutions for this is dining at a steamboat restaurant; its buffet concept with variety somehow caters well for those in a group. In my recent 'food' discovery (as I have said before, I don't just like to eat, I appreciate food), I paid Pak John Steamboat restaurant at eCurve a visit. Personally I don't frequent steamboat restaurants very much, and I don't usually have a preference either. However, after dining at Pak John, I have added it to my list of steamboat preference, and I wouldn't mind recommending it at all.

Here are my TOP reasons why I recommend Pak John:

1. Price is affordable. Especially when you are dining there in a group. Then again, even if its just you and a plus one, or you with your family (I presume perhaps 3-4 more) is actually highly recommended if you have steamboat cravings.

2. It has lots of variety ranging from seafood, to meat, to burgers, rice, noodles and MORE! The burgers are made there and then.

3. For those with sweet tooth, they have a waffle station, ice-cream and a huge chocolate fondue ready for you to dip your sweet things in!

4. Spacious! Very spacious with lots of tables and even private room sections too.

5. You can grill your meat if you don't want to throw your food into the soup. They serve some good meat like beef, lamb and duck, ready for you to grill! Yum! This is my favourite part because not many steamboat restaurants offer this concept.

6. Soup is good and certainly well-prepared. Not salty at all, doesn't make you thirsty too. You can choose from tom yum, chicken or miso flavour. 

7. For those of you who are food-conscious or are on a diet, good news is the food served are not fattening. They are well-prepared and fresh!

8. If you are a vegetarian (not full vegan though), you will like it at Pak John and you don't have to worry about what you can or cannot eat when you are eating with your family or friends. Pak John serves a lot of vegetables and anything partial vegans can consume.

9. One of the things I like about Pak John is its clean and tidy environment. Everything is placed in order and it is not at all messy especially in the food section.

10. They stock up their food fast!


As I am a quite behind on this blogpost, therefore I am not able to link up their Chinese New Year specials; nonetheless, I truly recommend that you head on over to any of Pak John's outlet. It is a good place for you and your family or friends to enjoy each other's company while you enjoy their buffet selection. Plus, you know how buffets are especially when you go in a group. It's really fun! So, please don't hesitate to enjoy your dining experience at Pak John.

I also met JQ Lee, friendly beauty and lifestyle Blogger.

eCurve Mutiara Damansara
Lot LG-13A & LG-15
Lower Ground Floor, eCurve


There's another outlet:
Wangsa Walk Mall
Lot GL-02 & FL-02
Wangsa Walk Mall, Wangsa Avenue.


RM28 Weekdays (Dinner)
RM36 Weekends (including eve or public holidays)
Ala Carte is served during lunch Time


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