Friday, February 28, 2014

Featured in: Harian Metro newspaper + Pixlr blog (things that I am grateful for in life)

Friday, February 28, 2014
The Artsy Craftsy featured on Harian Metro: Majalah M "Blog Pilihan"

Today was an amazing day. Of course it was the usual busy-as-hell day but the good news that I have been patiently waiting for the whole week since last Saturday really made my day worthwhile.

Last Saturday, as I have announced on my Instagram, I was at local newspaper Harian Metro office to do an interview. I met Faizah, a really friendly and down-to-earth lifestyle journalist and her photographer; I had an amazing chat with them not just about sharing my blog but about other views too.

As the day that I anticipated the entire week finally arrived, I grab the newsstand's last 4 copies and immediately shared with mother, my cousins, and friends, and of course to my readers on the blog's Facebook profile (btw, for those who would like to add me as friend, click on the link).

I was very touched when my colleagues, friends and loved ones shared my joy. Some of them knew, especially Justin, who knew that I have been manifesting for a Media Publicity for a year. And yes it is about time, just like my good friend, Sonia said. =).

Faizah is an amazing story teller. The article was beautifully written. I was touched by how Faizah told my story not just about me as a blogger but as a woman who aspires to inspire others. She knew how to tell my story, a piece that I kept with me all along. Many people thought that one of the reasons why I started the blog was because of my interest in art and creativity. Well that made sense because I always showed interest in those areas. But there is a profound part of the journey, and it is also the reason that prompted me to open up my door and start walking towards that direction called Light and Love. And this is the piece that I have been holding on to.

Anyways, later on the day, I also found out that my all-time favourite App Pixlr featured me on their blog, Facebook and Instagram. It was seriously awesome to finally see the Lotus that I photographed in a template in Malacca last year November. You have no idea how much I have wished for this to happen, to have my photographs featured by Pixlr. I think it is a dash of #Passion, a sprinkle of effort and a dollop of #Believe that made all things happened for me. And I am going to keep on holding it close to my heart for good stuff to happen.
To view The Artsy Craftsy Pixlr Blog + Pic of the Day, see here

As it is the first time in my life receiving such achievement, I am certainly overwhelmed with joy. However, this isn't the only thing that makes me happy; this achievement has also made realized so many things:

1. I am grateful that I believed in myself and my work #Believe #Passion

2. I am grateful that 5 years ago, I made that decision to start living life and doing the things that I love most.

3. I am grateful that 3 years ago, I made that decision to eliminate negativity instead and start being positive. And ever since then, I never saw it as a cliche, or corny. It was #Truth that changed my life all around and reprogrammed my mindset.

4. My cousin posted up my good news on his Facebook and shared with my other family members. Made me realized how grateful I am for technology today because we can finally share ONE good news at the same time with immediate effect. And I am grateful that this exposure allowed me to see how much my loved ones love me and have been supporting me all along.

If you would like to read the FULL STORY (in Bahasa Malaysia), click here.

5. I am grateful for my readers, including readers that dropped by and to those who showed interest in reading my blog because without that support, I wouldn't have reached such high number of page views either. So, thank you! =)

Finally, thank you Universe. Thank you to my loved ones, thank you Faizah for writing such beautiful piece, and thank you to You.

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