Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Style: Wooden Sunglasses Eco-Friendly Fashion

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Do you like sunglasses? I do.

I remember my first sunglasses; I was 7 years old and I think I was quite ahead of my time because I used to have a pair that looks like today’s hipster retro sunnies or the ones that Bruno Mars wears. It was two tones, purple and pink and it was favourite sunglasses of all. 

Sunglasses are always in trend. Currently, there are various designs that are popular, you see it coming back again, now with the round-rim style a.k.a ‘Lennon’ glasses so popular everywhere, including the ‘biker chic" looking sunglasses too.

What if I told you that next in trend would be the Wood Sunglasses; a fashion statement targeted to be the hottest. Not only it is to be the next fashion trend, the wooden sunglasses promotes sustainability; allowing us to stay in style while appreciating our environment.

I personally think that the Wood Sunglasses are unique. I was awed by the idea of it, and I find it amazing that it was different from the other sunglasses in the market. Not that I dislike the other designs, it is just that, almost everything is of plastic-ky look. More and more sunglasses designs are looking too common and similar.

On the other hand, the natural colour and earthly design of the Wood Sunglasses keeps it fashionable for the everyday-busy-girl on-the-go, yet classy enough to match with different types of outfits for any occasion.

Denim vest: unknown
Pink top: unknown
Floral Skirt: H&M Malaysia
Black top: Forever 21 Malaysia
Tribal drawstring pants: Forever 21
Blazer: H&M Malaysia
Leopard top: unknown
Black skirt: Somerset Bay Malaysia


The Wood Sunglasses design range by EUPHORIC is produced with environmental-friendly materials. Every pair is made sure to have perfect finishing, ensuring long lasting effect. As I am speaking from experience here, I was actually amazed and impressed by the Wood Sunglasses' good quality.

I like the fact that even though it aims to promote sustainability, however you can still see that there is an effort to keep its uniqueness while keeping in trend with today's fashion style.

The Wood Sunglasses is non prescription sunglasses; however, if you are worried that it makes your eyes uncomfortable, worry-not because surprisingly, for a non prescription sunglasses, it doesn't give you any discomfort or dizzy feeling. Euphoric's Wood Sunglasses range may be fashion-focused, but right from the lens to the finishing material, it is also of good quality. The uniqueness of the sunglasses allows the user to be a happy & fashionably satisfied customer!

In almost each of my style post, I often stress about having an essential-focused wardrobe rather than a wardrobe filled with clothes, shoes and accessories that easily go out of style. But with EUPHORIC Raven sunwear range, the wood sunglasses collection will easily fit into your wardrobe. You no longer need to have a sunglasses specifically for each outfit of the day. Whether you are travelling, touring, on the beach, out for the weekends or just out for a simple Sunday brunch, the Wood Sunglasses is designed for your everyday use.

Check out EUPHORIC, an online creative lifestyle store that caters for urbanites and individuals to express their creative-selves. Offering a wide range of creative functional and fun designs products aim to jazz up your life!

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