Monday, March 31, 2014

XIXILI celebrates 10th year with Bra Art Visual Display with Message of Women Empowerment

Monday, March 31, 2014

2014’s March has been quite an interesting month for me; it was all events & projects for me. At work, I had the chance to work an art exhibition featuring my favourite video game Assassin’s Creed, followed by I’m FINished with Fins pledge project.

Then on 20th March 2014, I had the chance to go out as The Artsy Craftsy blogger to attend XIXILI 10th Anniversary soft launch event at One Utama, Damansara. As a creative lifestyle blogger, I have to be selective at the type of events to cover because my blog is a niche blog. But with XIXILI’s event, I had to make it an exception! No, not because it’s a lingerie brand, which I must say, offers the most comfortable range ever.

I had to make it an exception because the event featured an Installation Art, made with Bras by one of Malaysia’s most renowned female visual artists, LouiseLow. Louise Low’s artsy craftsy bra installation art is being displayed at each of XIXILI’s window display in shopping malls: One Utama, Queens Bay Mall and MidValley Megamall.
Louise Low's Bra Art at One Utama

Louise Low's Bra Art at MidValley Megamall

Louise Low's Bra Art at Queens Bay Mall

For some of you who happened to follow the Bra Shark project (promoting violence against women) last year, you might know that this is the same talented artist that was responsible for the crafty masterpiece.
Some of Louise Low's work that was displayed for guests to look-see

I missed my chance though, collecting & donating unwanted bras last year for Louise, but finally got to meet her in person this year; an inspiring artistic woman, which is at par with XIXILI’s women empowerment theme.
with Artist, Louise Low

Before the fashion show, XIXILI organized a mini-game/lucky draw for its guests. At the entrance we were all given a sticker with a famous female figure and an inspiring quote; mine was first female pilot Amelia Earhart. 

The Message of Women Empowerment

Basically we had to look for our matching sticker, pair up with that person and register our names for the lucky draw. XIXILI and Louise Low were giving away limited edition gifts. 

Participants registering and winning the lucky draw gifts!
I was walking around trying to look for someone with a similar sticker for me, unfortunately, I only met that person after the registration was over. However, I didn't go home empty handed; I received my own goodie bag and took home XIXILI/Louise Low cotton tote bag.
Goodie bags that was given away. Love the items!
The lucky draw session was followed by the launching of the ceremony; a signing session by Louise Low and her speech.

I also got to witness XIXILI’s collection showcased some of its beautiful light hue range made with soft silky fabric. By the looks of its designs, you can actually tell that XIXILI offers technology-focused product, making sure that its female customers feel comfortable and confident when they wear it.
The fashion show
Models showcasing XIXILI's state-of-the-art lingerie-wear
The event ended short but sweet; I stayed on to browse through their products, and because we were all given 20% discount, I decided to make my FIRST XIXILI purchase. I was impressed with their product and the assistance that I was given to help me look for the right size and suitable pattern to match my body structure. That is how intricate XIXILI is.

I think I was even much more impressed at the fact that XIXILI positioned its brand to empower women to remind us that we are all beautiful regardless of our size, we are still goddesses.

Media has very much influenced us women, for centuries, we judge ourselves based on society’s requirements. Today, more and more young women are affected by this idea that being thin or being slim is the concept of beautiful. Being beautiful cannot be defined by how colourful your make up is, or the less-fabric in your attire, or how tall you are. Being beautiful means we embrace the inner woman in us, to know that we are naturally creative, talented, intelligent and vibrant in our own unique way. 
However, when we track back the root cause of this false perception on size does matter, it is us human beings that are responsible for this damage and it is time we initiate some damage-control.

Well then, I would like to thank XIXILI for their initiative; it is nice to see popular brands out there to take that step to make a world a better place. And thumbs up to Louise Low for channeling her entire creative insight to empower women everywhere.

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