Thursday, April 10, 2014

6 Easy Ways to Get Latest Updates from your Favourite Facebook Page on Facebook

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Something different for a change today. Haha! How this started? At first I was going through my Facebook page, and was wondering to myself, how do my readers usually keep track of my latest blog updates. At the same time, I was doing research on how bloggers managed their personal Facebook profile account and Facebook page. Then I came across this tutorial, and didn't know that you can easily get latest updates from your favourite Facebook page.. Anyhoo! Here goes:

Step 1- Find your favourite Facebook page.

Step 2- Go to the settings, and click on 'Add to Interest Lists' 

Step 3- Select 'New List' 

Step 4- Select your favourite Facebook fan page.

Step 5- Create a list name for your Facebook fan page updates, ie. 'Favourite Page Updates'

Step 6- You can see your favourite list name at the side of your homepage.

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