Thursday, April 17, 2014

Resin Artist: Chua Suzi

Thursday, April 17, 2014
How can I not be astounded by these art pieces? They are almost so life-like! I was first introduced to resin art many years ago when I was working with Craft Haven; my ex-boss taught me about resin art, but just didn't have the chance to try exploring with it. 

Not too long ago, my sister told me about an artist who would paint using resin art; she would paint flowers and fishes inside a silver bucket, pour resin in art, leave it to dry and then another layer again and again; basically, this art requires lots of patience and process. Then again, which art doesn't!

It's like painting on canvas but only that it isn't flat...

So I went around searching for resin art and it was such a coincidence that I came across Suzi's art; I can't remember how I came across it on Facebook, but all I can remember was initiating a chat with her, otherwise known as dear Aunty Suzi! She was such a lovely lady and we clicked instantly! I looked up to her; even though I have never met her, but even through the web, I could tell she was a wonderful person filled with light and love. And also, an amazingly talented artist!

lovely Aunty Suzi. via
She was also very helpful when she told me to help myself with her pictures from her Facebook page.  Head on over to see her other art pieces; she also does beautiful paintings on stones! For more of her art, visit her official website.


  1. Absolutely astoundingly beautiful works of art Suzi! You are so talented I love your work! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! :)