Monday, April 7, 2014

Thinking out loud.

Monday, April 7, 2014
Today is not my blogging day; it is a Tuesday. So while there are non important blog feature today, I decided to think out loud on a post.

So as usual, it still has been pretty busy for me.

I have been working hard towards a new direction which is to move into a nice house, a place that I can finally call my home. I have been trying to get in as much freelance projects as possible so that I can save up for the deposit. 

Houses are really expensive these days. Everything is expensive these days. I remember those days as a kid, supermom used to give me RM30 for me to hang out with my friends; those days, 10 bucks was a lot to us! Today, you can't even survive with just a 50. It's like water...

I am also trying my best to juggle work with a balance lifestyle; I am never giving up on my passion that's for sure. So when I have the time, I try to draw something or make something.

Oh and also, I am participating in an experimental art exhibition. There's a bunch of us that will be involved in it. Unfortunately, I am not putting up any of my artworks; can't really find the time to create large scale artworks. Maybe next time though. =) Since we are definitely looking forward to the next.

Anyways, the art exhibition is going to be held in Penang. It is going to be a profound one and it is called Momentary Lost. Permanently Found. The title is a sentence extracted out of a book I wrote for one of the artists. They love it so much that they decided to make an art exhibition out of it. I am really happy to know that my work is appreciated! There are no words to describe the feeling of seeing your own masterpiece turn into something greater.

If you are in Penang or from Penang, do visit The Whiteaways Arcade on the 4th May, launching. I'll be there.

I was telling my project partner yesterday, it is funny how God works in a mysterious way. 5 years ago, when I started my career in Advertising as a writer, I asked myself, 'I wonder how it feels like being part of an experimental art community? So expressive and profound, I wonder if I will ever be able to write and create expressive artworks like those artists and writers out there?'

5 years later, here I am. Working on my first featured art exhibition. My part is only the writing part; but I am so happy that they gave me a chance to write expressively for their promotional materials. 

There was a sentence that I wrote in one of the event's poster. It goes "...have you ever felt moments in your life passed like a blur?"

I wrote this sentence based on a personal experience. Not too long ago, when I was living life monotonously, each day passed by just like that *snaps finger*. And I often wonder to myself, if only there was a way to slow-mo it down, and you get to watch every step, every move, every act, every word you say, every sound in that moment. I went on this way, not realizing that I was wasting each day. Whenever I said "tomorrow then.." then that tomorrow becomes another tomorrow, and another and then next thing you know 3 months have passed (even though it feels like it is just yesterday) and nothing gets done.

Eventually, I found an answer, which is to start doing what I enjoy doing. To start making plans in life and actually doing it! To focus on that the happiness than lots of "what ifs".

I look at my mother, and I see her aging...As much as I have put aside savings for her in case of emergency, I also realized that, if there's something she likes that makes her happy, then I'll be more than happy to see her have it because while each day still exist, I want it to be a happy one for her.

And same goes for me. I want it to be a fulfilling one. 

So, Justin and I just came back from a cruise. It wasn't that great though, but as dingy as the cruise can be, I told Justin that at least I get to tick it off my Things-to-do-in-this-life list.

It has just begun.

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