Tuesday, May 13, 2014

POP Art: MIRO by Miriam Omar

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ryan Gosling - WOW!


MIRO is another awesome homegrown artist I recently got to know. Her art is eccentric and unique. The black pen style gives the entire art piece an edge, with a combo of fun and modern!

There’s some fashion illustration style here and there too, and what I love most about MIRO’s art is how down-to-earth it is, reminds me of today’s hipster generation.

However, when I asked MIRO about her style, she describes it as POP Art / Black and White Illustrations.

I feature MIRO’s art because I know it would be something unique for a change, especially for inspirations. After all, how often do you come across art like these, right? I’m beginning to turn into an “art collector”, I think. Not so much on purchasing the art though, of course if I have enough cha-ching, I definitely would invest in these indie artists art pieces; but more like seeking them out and featuring these amazing artists and art on the blog.

MIRO’s art is certainly one of a kind, one that I would invest in. It’s commercial yet not, it’s modern yet old school, it’s serious yet fun! It has the combo of it all.

Miriam Omar, self portrait

Here’s a little info about MIRO artist, full name Miriam Omar. She’s a graduate from London College of Fashion and Raffles Design institute where she studied Fashion Marketing (now I see the fashion illustration style in it). She moonlights as MIRO the artist, but by day, Miriam is a Marketing Consultant where she provides Marketing and Branding solutions, specializing in E-commerce and Social Media marketing. According to Miriam, she has always loved drawing. MIRO came to be when she was found shopping for the right wedding present a tough task, especially for a friend who has it all. Finally, she realized it would be meaningful to draw her friend & husband on a canvas as a wedding gift. When Miriam posted it online, she started receiving lots of good feedback and from then on, she started a Facebook page and never look back!

MIRO currently offers, custom portraits (pop art / black and white), wedding cards, fashion illustrations and apparels featuring her own series of illustrations.

If you would like to check out more of MIRO’s art, visit her Facebook, Instagram and for more info, email her.

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