Thursday, May 8, 2014

Travel Art: Penang - My 1st Art Exhibition + Updates from the Studio

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am finally back! It feels like such a long time ever since I had to be away for the big move and my trip to Penang for my first art exhibition.

It has been such a hectic week for me, with the move and the trip, so much has happened. I have taken leave of absence several times before, and this is the first time that I'd say that it feels like I have been away for a month!

My last post was last week; and in the past 1 week, I learned so much, cried a little, experienced anxiety, felt closeness, bonded with my mom and expressed myself creatively!
Travelling to Penang changed my life! Considering that it is still well-developed state, it is nothing compared to KL, where I'm from. Being in Penang reassured my belief in having a balance lifestyle. Here I am, encouraging having a well-balanced life through my blog, over there, not only it is a common practice, but you can see how this healthy culture influenced the community. Every where you go, has "creative" in it. Everyone you speak to, is polite and friendly. Every building you see, has a balance between modernization and heritage preservation.

 I fell in love with Penang. 

On Sunday morning of my art exhibition, I was awakened by bells ringing and people laughing; it sounded like bicycle bells. I peeked from the hotel window and saw family biking together and laughing away. The streets were blocked on Beach Street (Lebuh Pantai); I was told that Occupy Beach Street an arts and crafts bazaar with street performers is held every Sunday.

How can I not fall in love with this place, people were walking and cycling on the streets and there weren't many cars around.

I see families everywhere.

I see smiling faces and lots of thank-you's.

I see different races gathered in circle in front of their homes, laughing and singing along with the guitar.

I see old couples, taking walks.

I see young couples, taking photos, enjoying the little things around them.

It was a lovely sight and an eye opening experience.

As for my art exhibition Momentary Lost, Permanently Found, I spent most of my time by myself, walking around looking at the artworks by my fellow artists that I already know and taking photos while observing my surroundings. Most of them were mingling and explaining to visitors about their work. We received good feedback about the event, according to my project partner, there were requests for us to do the show in KL. I was in charged mostly for the promotional materials and my project partner's artworks that came with copy. Compared to the rest of the artists, I only had two artworks whereby my "copy" was the main focus. My partner was kind enough to put it into visual for me. My work was so mind boggling that it was so fun to see visitors' reaction when they are looking at my work.

Perhaps next round I'll showcase my artworks instead.


When I came back, I didn't get to rest. It was back to the 'big move' schedule instead. We had so much to do with so little time because I had to make sure that I get it all done before going back to work. Truth be told, I was not used to waking up in the Studio. It was also very weird when I spent few hours alone there, but it was good weird.

I couldn't identify the reason to my roller coaster emotions; perhaps it's PMS, perhaps it's just me being tired, haha! I am not sure. I felt a little wave of sadness when I was moving things. There was a slight feeling of unworthiness; I try to remind myself that these feelings weren't real because whatever it is, it was all caused by outer experiences.

I felt that I was missing supermom more but at the same time, she was there with me most days during my move. She helped me sort my little kitchen, my wardrobe, unpacking, cleaning, and I don't know what I'll do without her if she wasn't there for me. I was glad to have her around, and feel at ease that I am now closer to her.

I also got a lot of questions, people asking me why am I not living with supermom instead since I've moved nearer to her. I saw that these questions was one of the reasons why I felt unworthy, but supermom was understanding and supportive, and that is the only blessing I need.

The Studio is a nice and cozy place for just the two of us. I managed to create space out of the one big-ass room. I finally get to have a proper desk to work on my blog plus drawing, crafting and video recording. The landlord didn't want one of the wardrobes he left there; it was used by a previous tenant. I told him I'd keep it and turn it into a craft cupboard instead. There's more to do with it, so I will not share with you the picture until I have completed it.

As for now, I want to embrace living life at the Studio. Start fresh, make great things, and create amazing work! Because the universe and I, we had a deal!

Happy Friday.

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