Thursday, June 12, 2014

Designer Temporary Tattoos . Made in Malaysia

Thursday, June 12, 2014

When I was a kid, school holidays would always be a blast. It wasn't because we got to stay up or sleep in (Asian parenting would never allow us to do so); school holidays meant it was time for us to get out of our goody two shoes skin and be an expressive teenager with bleached or dyed hair. Girls would keep their nails and paint them all sorts of funky colours, and me, besides doing all that, I would run (well, not literally) to the local stationary store and buy myself temporary tattoos.

Those days, there weren't much choices with the temporary tattoos, it was all very corny-looking ones. You pay like RM3 if I am not mistaken, for a big piece with assorted designs, and it will come with weird dragon designs or skull tattoos. Roses, butterflies or tribal-looking ones were strangely popular, so sometimes you would get those in colour and it would look obvious that it is fake. I think those dragon or skull tatts probably made some of the kids look like they were in some bad Chinese gangster or Yakuza movie, or maybe a biker-wannabe haha!

As for me, I would usually go for the arm-band design. My favourite was the "Celtic arm band tattoo", like the one on Mel C from Spice Girls. Why? Because that was the only most decent looking temporary tattoo design that wasn't corny.
Mel C of Spice Girls : Photo via
Back then, I always wondered who were the people designing the tattoos. And if it's possible, I wish they could come up with better designs!

Years later, after being part of the creative community, I finally got to know the awesome temporary tattoo designers called Habitatt Supply Co. 

Habitatt Supply Co. is a homegrown design store that is known for making the finest, beautifully-designed quality temporary tattoos.

I was hooked on the name the moment I saw it and can't help feeling how catchy it sounds: Habitat with a 'tatt' from tattoo. One of their taglines was "Made to feel good on skin".

Habitatt feature creative designers to produce intricately designed tattoos. Habitatt temporary tattoo designs are not only adorable, like the rainbow ones (the colours are cute), but there are also trendy-looking ones that come in hand-drawn style as though drew with black ink pen. That's the beauty of it, rather than typical outline ones that looked fake.

While you might think that it will look awesome at music festivals, well you said it right because Habitatt Supply Co. was featured at the raving Future Music Festival Asia 2014, which was like the Malaysian version of Woodstock 99; it was awesome to see people lining up at Habitatt stall to get their temporary tattoos up on their skin for the occasion.

More about Habitatt Tattoos:

~ Habitatt tattoos cost RM8 per design.
~ Custom tattoos are available especially if you have events or special occasions.
~ There are assorted designs ranging from Colourful, Black & White, Hand-drawn, Artsy, Typographic, and more.
~ Tattoo application is easy; instructions are here
~ Habitatt Supply Co. is also on Facebook. Shop for tatts on their FB store.
~ You can also check out their awesome Instagram pictures of happy habitatt-up people!

Here's something about Habitatt Supply Co. that I've extracted:

Let's bust some myths. Here's the real deal: 
> Habitatt is safe and printed with non-toxic soy-based ink. It is safe for everyone to use...even your pets! (T.A.C says: In your face, old school tatts!)
> Habitatt is water proof and long lasting. Lasting more than 3 days depending on use.
> Compliant to the highest safety standards.
> Made to feel good on your skin. It affords a #swaglikenoother (T.A.C says: I agree! It looks real!)

Well, now that you know my story about temporary tatts from the good old days (i'm sure most of you 90's babies know what I am talking about), then I think you won't mind heading over to Habitatt Supply Co. website to check it out!

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