Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Moving forward in a creative biz

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
So I recently decided to up my blog's creative lifestyle store exposure. I like having an online store, a platform where you can see my products together with a suitable online store background design. Though it is a good idea, but I realized that we always need change and ways to improve ourselves. It has been more than 6 months that I have set up an online store and today I have decided to bring it closer to my readers and the community.

Yesterday, I decided to make that change by setting up a photo album on my Facebook page for my products. I hope that with this, my readers and the community will know what else I have to offer.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Throughout the years of dabbling in this on my own and learning on the way since I was in college, I realized that each time I find myself plate-full and think of giving it up, I end up feeling a little sad as if my life isn't full. I have given up running a biz a couple of times, and I kid you not that The Artsy Craftsy Shop has gone through various names already; there's L for Lynn, there's Starfish Rocks, and then there's Craft & Closet... and finally after so many rounds of fickleness, I decided to just make it simple and stay at The Artsy Craftsy + Shop since so many of you already know me by this.

And instead of giving up again, no matter how tiring it is to come home from work, and balance my night with my creative biz, I learned to improve things rather than running away from it.

Running a biz is not just about making money, it is about self-reflection just like blogging. It is self-improvement so I've learned. It is just like Life, I guess, though I am no master at it, but I realized that like Life, you don't run away from making that change; you change and adapt to make yourself happy. I guess that is what you called Freedom.

Here's to change, and to promoting art & creativity and things made with lots of love.

If you are free, do head on over to my Facebook page, where you can check out some more of the items for sale that I will be uploading.

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