Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Style: Choosing a Fashionable Ladies Watch

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

There are plenty of watches to choose from these days. Like clothes, shoes or hair colour, most people select their watches based on their personality and interest. However, following the trend is also part of a person’s check box. Take myself for example, when it comes to selecting my ideal watch, I would narrow down my selections to the face, dial, design and strap colour to match my preference.
But of course, there is one thing we all have in common which is selecting a watch based on our budget!

What’s your preference?

How do you select your watches? Do you select it based on a budget or do you invest in the most glamorous and glimmering accessory to pamper yourself?

Someone once told me, “Good watches with awesome designs are usually out of our league! They usually cost a bomb!” I beg to differ, because my new Esprit watch has showed me that it doesn't have to be expensive to own a good watch.

I am a person who believes that you don’t have to pay your entire life’s salary to be fashionably satisfied. You can still look awesome while learning how to shop for a watch at your range; here’s how:

  1. Getting to know you, getting to know your type of watch…

With the various types of watches in the market, it is important to identify your preferred style. For instance, as a creative copywriter in the art & design industry, my day-to-day includes lots of artsy happenings, colours and brainstorming sessions with the creative team. While most people’s work attire is corporate, I get to have various trendy #OOTD which is why my new watch will go with it. I also prefer analog watches because it gives a mature style even to your casual outfit; plus you can wear it to almost any (non-formal) occasions.

  1. Let’s talk design, let’s talk what it’s worth

Even though watches are known to be pricey these days, but I’ve come to realized that ESPRIT watches has one of the most affordable rangewhere value meets quality. In most cases, the overall material used to produce the watch determines the price. Did you know that there are 3 different types of materials used for the face of the watch? The materials are mineral, plastic and sapphire. While mineral is the commonly used material, the sapphire is the most expensive material that is durable and scratch resistant.

  1. Getting Familiar with Warranty Period & Battery Life

A heads up on looking into the watch’s warranty period & battery life when it comes to watch-shopping! With brands like ESPRIT, warranty period and battery life is a priority, making them a thumbs-up quality. If you are wondering, an ESPRIT watch has a 2-year warranty and 5-year battery life span.

With the pointers that I have shared above, I hope you are now ready to start shopping for your watch!