Monday, June 23, 2014

Travelling with Road Trip Essentials for the Creative

Monday, June 23, 2014

I started enjoying travelling this year when my love decided to take me on a cruise for the first time. It was really a simple trip because it was only a day or two. Though there wasn't much to do on the boat, but it was the idea of travelling with a backpack and taking the bus all the way to the docks to the ferry to get to the cruise. As tiring as it is, the journey was much more important than the destination point itself...

My other short trips also include going to nearby places like Genting Highlands, or going back to my hometown which is just an hour or 2 away. I begin to like travelling because it allows me to get away from my day-to-day routine which mostly involves sitting in front of the computer and chasing deadlines and the hours that passes by quickly everyday. You do that often, you become less motivated about living life because all you ever do is just "chase and chase" after time... and by the time you realize it, you are tired, you miss out lots in life and you wish you didn't waste your days away.

As it is not too late, you still can start your journey on the road to get some quality time.

So, what do you bring with you when you go on a road trip? Though the examples I will be showing are for illustration purpose, just so you know, these are my recommended road trip essentials.

Travelling light is important, especially choosing the right attire to wear for the trip. Best thing to do is keep it simple and comfortable; here's what I recommend for a road trip #ootd:

Road Trip OOTD

For the trip, you can also pack some extra clothes or things for in case of emergency. You will never know when you get drenched in rain when you are making stops, or when it gets cold in the car. It is good to bring along some essentials for your travelling hobby. Here's some tips on what you can bring (remember some emergency kit would be good too):

Road Trip Essentials #1

When I go trips like that, I like to bring along some extra essentials to make my trip a memorable one. As a creative, a camera, a sketchbook or art journal and some art materials is important. I would bring along my film camera and some extra batteries and films in case I need it.

I like documenting my trips. I try my best to make notes on interesting things that I come across during my travels, or mark my film canisters on the locations and dates so that I can easily keep track and look back.

Road Trip Essentials #2

What are my top 4 picks for the road:

1. Drinks: Coffee and water
2. Food: Tidbits and sandwiches
3. Music: Norah Jones, Alanis Morisette, Black Label Society...
4.  Tissue: Lots of it in case of emergency

Besides spare clothes, emergency kits or thingamajigs to bring along, the most important essential to look into is transportation. How else would you go on a road trip if you don’t have one right? Especially for those who may not have a car. OR maybe your current vehicle may not be as reliable as some cars that are recommended for long journeys.

True story: My love and I was on our way up to Genting Highlands (It's Malaysia, for my international readers); of course, we drove up with the one and only car we have which is his beloved Toyota. We took it for granted, and strained the car on the way up on the winding road. Next thing we know, our car broke down…later I learned that not all cars are meant for long drives especially when you are travelling.

Driving is part of road trips. So if you don’t have a car or a suitable car, perhaps you can try checking out car rentals like RelayRides (especially if you are travelling around the States- I’m thinking Route 66!!). If you are worried about the rent fee, well, car rental services like RelayRides are a bit different from the regular, as it is peer-to-peer community that allows users with cars to offer their ride to those looking for one. The prices are often up to 40% more affordable than your average big name place as the owners generate the price of the rental.

Sound interesting? Here's some more information about how it works.


Going on road trips is another way for me to get inspirations. It feels good to get out there, be on the road and be free! It feels as if you are one with the natural beauty around you that life has to offer.

For that moment itself, you are not govern by time, deadlines or society expectations; in that moment, you can be you. I get to be me...

What are your essentials? Feel free to share about your travelling hobby.

updated: 27.06.14