Friday, July 11, 2014

Body Loving with Natural Handmade Soap & Body Scrub

Friday, July 11, 2014

Firstly, you need to pardon my attempt on blogging about bath & body products because I don't get this chance very often to do this. However, since handmade stuff is my cuppa tea, I am truly grateful that this time, I get to blog about natural handmade soaps by yours truly Earth Care Soaps.

Whenever I go toiletries shopping, it's very important for me to select the right body wash with right fragrance and benefits. I am a sucker for 3 things:

1. The name of the product, it has to be sensual, mystical or magical sounding.
2. The packaging; the more magical the better.
3. The flavour or fragrance. It has to be something where I look at it, and I know I can feel it on my skin already and how relaxed I will be.

And by relax, I mean, the kind where you can imagine yourself, coming out of the shower feeling fresh, and then you cozy up in bed. You feel all squeaky clean too.

The Wake Me Up Body Scrub
I recently got to try Earth Care Soaps's Wake Me Up Body Scrub that contains exquisite natural ingredients such as Himalayan Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Grape seed oil, and more that is definitely recommended for the skin. I tried it, and I realized that the refreshing feeling comes from the Himalayan Sea Salt and Essential Oils... now not many natural body products that I've used has this special ingredient. And of course, the other specialty is, that it is made with Love. I am sure Soap Artisan, Samantha Tan, has put in great effort, with the thought in mind that her customers will reap from the goodies she has crafted altogether.

The Bubblegum Berry Soap
The other is Bubblegum Berry Soap an organic handmade Body Soap that looks like a cake! I swear I was really tempted to take a bite to taste it because it says Bubblegum Berry, it smells sweet and bubblegummy! haha! This scented moisturizing soap has its own qualities too, because it has extra virgin olive oil, castor oil (which by the way, is very very good for skin, especially for eczema or dry skin), Essential oils of course, organic Australian Red Clay, to name a few. It is not harmful to skin because as I have mentioned it is natural. Earth Care Soaps also make sure that the ingredients used will provide extra nourishing and moisturizing effect while reducing itchiness and/or dry-flaky skin.

I won't say that commercial bath and body products out there aren't good. We have brands out there that try to achieve similar uniqueness to offer to their customers because currently in trend, natural is the new thing. But that's that, a brand is still a brand, and it isn't the same with homemade or handmade products where the csoap artisan puts a lot of heart & soul into crafting it with the right ingredient. I also like the fact that more and more artisans like Earth Care Soaps are taking the initiative to change the world by encouraging their customers to use natural products with ingredients given to us by Mother Nature.

Here's a little info about Earth Care Soaps:
- Committed to create affordable natural products for your skin's well being, using quality pure ingredients and beneficial that will nourish and moisturize the skin.
- Products are suitable for normal to sensitive skin even skin problems like eczema and psoriasis, which is one of the reasons why there are beneficial ingredients like shea butter, herbs, etc.
- Products are freshly made and organic skincare products are 90% to 100% vegan using quality ingredients.
- No use of lard or tallow in its products.

Earth Care Soaps specializes in:
Natural & Organic handmade skincare products: Cold processed Soaps, glycerin soaps, body scrubs, lip balms & scrubs, body balms & treatment oils and bath salts.
Special & Personalized services: Door gifts, corporate gifts, wedding favors, party packs, bridal or baby showers, birthday gifts, full moon gifts, gift baskets, customizable gift sets and more...

And to let you peek into the product, here's a video on how I used it:

Have a great day~

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