Friday, July 18, 2014

#MH17 in our Hearts

Friday, July 18, 2014

The tragedy of the recent plane crash of #MH17 was shocking to me.

It happened on the night that I had to stay late to work. While we were rushing for deadlines here, to meet expectations and requirements, this tragedy took place.

When I heard about this news the next morning, I cannot help but picture the scenario; what if I was there, in that seat, waiting to reach home, and then *BOOM*...

And then I pictured, not myself in the scenario anymore, but seeing the passengers from a 3rd person's angle... apparently there were even pets/animals on the plane, and children; babies, teenagers travelling without their parents...  I cannot help but wonder to myself, what was going through their minds the second right before it happened?

It is very sad to know that so many things has been going on lately to the people of my country.

When I turned on Facebook in the morning, I see posts about this sad news. One of it caught my attention, because it was a relative of an ex-college mate of mine. Though we were only acquaintances before, I felt her sorrow of losing someone close to her. Which led me to wonder, how does it feel if I was in her shoes?

These sort of tragedy makes you realized that if life is too short, then embrace life to the fullest. We hear "Live Life to the Fullest!" all the time... what we don't realized is that living life to the fullest isn't about partying to the break of dawn, drink and be merry til' your liver retires or go sky diving and pee in your pants half way through just cos you think adrenaline rush is the way to go! #YOLO

... well if it is for you, then good for you. But it isn't to me. I used to think that way too, until one day, I decoded it and realized that living life to the fullest means, embracing your inner-self, recognize your abilities or true self instead of letting the world judge you... or live a negative mind-free that has been your constant blockage of pursuing your dreams or ambitions.. and not just live life monotonously; (not necessary in this order) wake up, go to work, come home from work, repeat and no interest or hobbies.

Makes you wonder isn't it... it made me wonder.

Dear passengers of #MH17, you have now gone 'home'.

That last moment of your thoughts; images, list of things to do, loved ones, memories... it has all turned into priceless jewels that will remain here on Earth forever.

Let go, live forever in our hearts and be free always...

We love you.

Dear families & friends of #MH17,

Mourn but smile at beautiful memories of them...
Your tears will become priceless jewels too...
For as long as you have them in your hearts and your minds,
they live forever.

with light and love, namaste.

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