Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Updates from the Studio #3: Decorating with Instagram Photos

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's been 3 months since we've moved in to the Studio. While there's still lots to do, we try our best to do little by little to make this place our cozy home. I've been filling up our space with artsy stuff like my paintings and unique trinkets, bowls of crystals, coloured candles and thingamajigs; and not too long ago, I've decided to add photographs into my home decor project.

I'm a big fan of Instagram and photography. When I am not taking photos with my film camera (or digital camera), I rely on my phone to do the magic including my two favourite apps Pixlr and Instagram. I realized that taking photos with my phone, especially with Instagram makes my photo timeless.

With that in mind, I have decided to use my Instagram photos to decorate the Studio, to create memories with it through the amazing service of Monstagram.

Monstagram has made it easier for me to have my Instagram photos printed out for keepsakes, in 3 different designs:

The Krinkle Cut
An ideal design for scrapbooking or motivational board (if you have one). I really like this design because it reminds me of our parents' or grandparents' day when all photographs usually have that crinkle shape cut at the sides. It is very vintage.

The Magnet
I think the kitchen is an interesting place for families or friends to gather. Unlike the living room, you can't really decorate much with photographs, so the best place to put up memories, reminders or kitchen decors is the fridge. When I was crazily drawing on Pringles & glass jar lids, I was telling myself "if only I can put up pictures of my artworks or memorable photographs without securing it with magnets over it." Can you imagine when I discovered Monstagram? It was as though they read my mind because I can finally have my artworks printed on a piece of photo-magnet!

The Coloroid
This another unique piece, the good ol' Polaroid style photo print. It is called Coloroid instead because Monstagram offers colour options. That's right, you can have your Polaroid photo prints printed in colours. I settled for the original white frame instead. This design is awesome for assorted decor ideas, whether it is scrapbooking, picture frame, DIY photo hanger (see below) and more...

So, me being me, I went for all 3; I love my photos and I love how they turned out. Along the way I also realized that it would be a fantastic idea to give them away as presents too, especially the magnets.

Plus, thanks to Monstagram for my photo prints, it inspired me to whip up a tutorial on How to DIY a Super Easy Photo Hanger for Instagram Photos... quick and simple!


...and of course, as usual, I also started doodling on things- a photo frame for my bedside table. 

 As for the other photos, I am planning to decorate the 'Golden Room of Physical Honor' (the bathroom) 

and my beautiful photo magnets is showcased on the fridge of course. I love it!

If you have created a much more awesome version of the photo hanger, or if you have more ideas for your Monstagram photo prints, share it with me! I look forward to it as i'm sure it would be awesome!

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