Sunday, August 17, 2014

Featured in: Harian Metro newspaper, DIY Table Motivation Craft Decor

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I am lining up good news to post up on the blog, so here is my latest good one.

My table motivation decor was recently featured, last 2 weeks, 6th August 2014. I was really excited about this because it was the first time I get to see my craft tutorials to be featured in the press. When the awesome journalist contacted me for this project, I had to do a quick run through on what sort of quick crafts I am able to show because it was quite a last minute.

I was asked to create a project related to home decoration. Timing was great because about a week I was informed, I created some stone motivation with doodles for the studio's 'Inspiration Altar'. Yes, I have a space that I called my inspiration altar. It's also my entertainment space, where I cozy up to watch movies, play music, read books, meditate and do Yoga. My inspiration altar is where I place things that inspire me and make me feel good about myself. It's also an altar where there are things to remind me and Justin on Love and Gratitude. I kid you not that when you are seated in that space, you are filled with coziness and positive energy.

So, because I doodled on the stones, I decided to enhance that idea for the press feature. I used IKEA photo frame, painted on it to turn it into a tray. For the colour selection, I used 7 colours based on the 7 Chakra colours; then I doodled on more stones for it. It is actually a very easy project, a quick home decor craft if you are looking for something fast and easy especially for a table 'Centerpiece'.

After the photo shoot, the interview and the press feature, it is now placed together with the rest of my inspirational items.

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