Friday, August 15, 2014

Listening to my Soul's Voice

Friday, August 15, 2014

Today I feel a little soulful.

A couple of interesting things has been happening to me lately; and like little 'smses', I read them as form of life inspiration to my life.

I haven't been meditating or doing Yoga for sometime. Overwhelmed by back to back work load, falling sick a little and concerned about some worldly matters, I have allowed myself to be part of it. I find myself forgetting my daily intentions. Besides having a strained week, I had more than worry to think bout, ie. planning on a new year-long project that I will be working on. I have been working on some new items to launch, all in all because I want to work towards living the dream- working from home.

Sometimes, when we get carried away, we carry ourselves away... and we forget, and then we become dull everyday.

And the mind to me, is like a tool, practically a TV. It needs the DVD player to be plugged in, pop in a good movie. The movie being the scenarios in Life, choosing the genre that we want to experience.

All it needs is some kind of uplift. Some kind of brief experience or something, to just remind me of what I am grateful for.

I once took a yoga lesson from a graceful yoga instructor who taught me how to trust my body, trust my self and to trust my heart. When you are constantly surrounded by corporate people, you tend to forget who you truly are. Taking lessons from her was a gift. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen reasons, I had to quit. When I bumped into her again, it reminded me that perhaps I need to hijack my inner self away from my body, and to live in the present moment as often as I can to be aware of my daily intentions. I am grateful for my Body, my complete and healthy body, regardless of the list of physical flaws; dark circles, frizzy hair, and being fat, as some might have pointed out about me. (Fat is just a word, a label, like how you describe a person as a tall person or a short person, there should not be a negative concept to a simple word.)

Trust. Learn. Give Thanks. Honor Your Body.

I also have been teaching my colleagues guitar. Again, as a self-taught person, I don't have much advanced experience, I taught myself only the basics sufficient enough for me to make my own music and enjoy them on my own. I never thought that I would inspire others to do the same, and just that alone reminded me on how amazing it was to realized that I was getting a chance to pass on my humble passion for music to others.

Embrace and Inspire. Let creativity fill your soul.

Perhaps you too would have your own share of little experiences like these too... all you need is to connect with it.

What was it like? Penny for your thoughts.

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