Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Artsy Craftsy at BookFest M'sia 2014, KLCC - DIY Pencil Necklace with Staedtler Arts & Crafts Workshop

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Few weekends ago, I had an opportunity to conduct a workshop at the BookFest M’sia 2014 event in KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.

(Time flies, still feels like it was only yesterday)

Unfortunately, there weren't much photos taken by myself the other day (thanks Joo Ai for this candid shot though), I mean I was up there doing my show, but while we wait for the official photographer to come back with the pictures, here's my update on the post-workshop.

It was an exciting 45-minutes session teaching creative kids and their supportive parents on how to make a ‘Pencil Necklace’. I was really happy to know that they were quite a good number of turn-ups. It wasn’t much at first, but we had people joining in half way in the middle of the session; I guess they were attracted with what I was teaching.

Since it was only 45 minutes, the craft session had to be quick and easy; basically the idea was to let parents know that they don't have to throw away their "short and blunt" pencils and they can turn it into accessories for their kids or themselves if they like quirky stuff as much as I do.

To be honest, I was quite surprised myself too because this was my first time, creating craft with colour pencils! I would say, Staedtler Malaysia was pretty impressed by the session, and I am glad that they equally enjoyed the workshop as much as I did.

It’s been awhile since I taught children how to make art, and that day, the workshop just reminded me once more on how blessed I am to be able to guide children on unleashing their creativity.

It’s not about whether they can or cannot do, the idea is to give them a sneak peek into the world of making arts & craft; that contribution in their life was all they need to recognize their own potential.

Back to the event, the DIY Pencil Necklace theme was something quick that me and Staedtler team whipped up. Promoting their awesome small size colour pencils, parents & kids get to explore with it and turn them into necklaces.

The awesome little girl with her rainbow Pencil Necklace and Bracelet, thanks to her awesome crafty Dad!
I think the kids went crazy over the rainbow strings and the colourful beads that I've provided. I would too if I were them, haha!

One kid amazed me the most because her dad was crafty and worked hand in hand with his daughter; after making the necklace, they used the left over materials to make a 'Pencil Bracelet'! How creative! I asked her dad if he's always doing craft projects with her, and he said, "from time to time, yes!" I can tell he was very excited about his daughter, and I quickly took her to a corner to take a photo!

(As you can see, my eyes look funny in the picture, but I don't care because the focus is on her, not me! Wish I got her name though)

Whoever you are, little girl, you are awesome! Love your crafts and I hope that you will be making lots in future!

Want to see more photos? Check it out here:

If you are interested in organizing arts or craft workshops, and if you'd like me to make an appearance, feel free to contact me for further enquiries.

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